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TAGAT V 15 is a liquid, non-ionic polyoxyethylene-15 glycerol oleoricinoleate emulsifier. TAGAT V 15 is used as emulsifier in metal working fluids, agrochemicals, concrete releasing agents. TAGAT V 15 has excellent emulsifying properties and ensures the spontaneous formation of finely dispersed, stable oil-in-water emulsions. TAGAT V 15 is an emulsifier based on raw materials derived from vegetable products.

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TAGAT V 20 is glycerol-based emulsifier for water-miscible metal working fluids. It has exceptional emulsifying properties combined with excellent lubrification properties.TAGAT V 20 an ethoxylated castor oil oleate, is a non-ionic emulsifier. TAGAT V 20 is used in metal working fluids, concrete releasing agents, textile auxiliary formulations, pulp and paper defoamers. TAGAT V 20 has excellent emulsifying properties and ensures the spontaneous formation of finely dispersed, stable oil-in-water emulsions (o/w).

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Unisil STB

Unisil STB is a nano jet silicone emulsion.

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WCI-GMS-SE is self emulsifying grade used as emulsifying agent for preparation of stable oil-in-water emulsion.

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Zinpol 340

Zinpol 340 is a modified styrenated acrylic emulsion designed for use in inks and overprint varnishes requiring very high gloss and high heat resistance. Zinpol 340 emulsion provides excellent flow and leveling characteristics.

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Zinpol 523

Zinpol 523 is an acrylic colloidal dispersion for use in inks for paper and paperboard. Zinpol 523 dispersion provides high viscosity, excellent water dilution, good printability and transfer, and can be used as a letdown and/ or grind vehicle when neutralized with alkali.

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Zinpol 559

Zinpol 559 is an alkali soluble acrylic colloidal dispersion designed for use in flexo and gravure inks and coatings. Zinpol 559 dispersion can be used as a letdown and/or grind vehicle. This polymer has good flexibility and therefore can be used in inks for polyolefin films and other non-porous substrates to improve economics.

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ACC BP-17R4 is an wetting agent, defoamer, dispersant, emulsifier and lubricity agent in synthetic metalworking fluids.

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CYLINK IBMA is a bi-functional monomer that combines a readily polymerizable vinyl group and a crosslinkable iso-butoxymethyl acrylamide group. It is used in both emulsion and solvent polymerizations, in can coatings, UV cured systems, photo-resists and both latex and solution coating resins, wood adhesives, varnishes and metal coatings, reactive diluents in radiation curing systems.

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CYLINK DOM is an internal plasticizing monomer used in copolymers with styrene, vinyl acetate, EVA, acrylates and PVC. It is used in emulsion polymerization for the production of soft polymers or latex for paint, adhesives, textile and paper coating applications. CYLINK DOM also used as plasticizer in flexible PVC.


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