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Antioxin SB

Antioxin SB is a stabilizer specifically created by AEB for the process treatment in beer production. Antioxin SB protects beer from oxidation for prolonged periods, maintains the distinguishing original organoleptic properties and the aromatic qualities, original freshness and soft color. Antioxin SB maintains beer stability for a period four times longer than with traditional antioxidant products.

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Arabinol SB

Arabinol SB is a special gum arabic, specifically studied for the stabilizing treatment of beer. Arabinol SB highlights a constant yield in all beer types and with different production solutions.

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Chymotrypsin is a digestive enzyme that can perform proteolysis. Chymotrypsin preferentially cleaves peptide amide bonds where the carboxyl side of the amide bond is a tyrosine, tryptophan, or phenylalanine.The hydrophobic and shape complementarity between the peptide substrate P1 sidechain and the enzyme S1 binding cavity accounts for the substrate specificity of this enzyme.

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Exopeptidase is an enzyme produced in the pancreas that catalyses the removal of an amino acid from the end of a polypeptide chain. Exopeptidase cleaves the end of a polypeptide chain. Aminopeptidase, an enzyme in the brush border of the small intestine, will cleave a single amino acid from the aminoterminal.

Papaynase NA

Papaynase NA is a special agent created by the AEB Group to be used for beer stabilization. It contains an enzymatic preparation based on papain, vegetable substance able to carry out a strong and selective proteolitic activity. Papaynase NA partially breaks down the proteinaceous substances and micropolypeptides responsible for the colloidal clouding of beer. Papaynase NA can be utilized during maturation or in filtered beer. The action of Papaynase NA is aimed to the demolition of specific proteins present in the production intermediate, the molecules which are the main responsible for phenomena able to cause troubles and serious depreciation in beer. Papaynase NA is produced with raw materials not deriving from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

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Beta Glucanase [EC3.2.1.6] is made from Teichoderma reesei ,which can catalyze the β-Glucosan in plants efficiently into glucose and other low molecelar material,so as to reduce the viscosity of processed plants and animal chymus.Therefore,if used in the glycation of beer industry,this product can accelerate filtration obviously.

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Endo peptidase

Endopeptidase or endoproteinase are proteolytic peptidases that break peptide bonds of nonterminal amino acids (i.e. within the molecule), in contrast to exopeptidases, which break peptide bonds from their end-pieces.

Endozym Active

Endozym Active is a pectolytic enzyme based on concentrated pectinase, indicated for the treatment of grapes and for the clarification of musts and wines. Endozym Active accelerates pressing, clarification and filtration processes, as it decreases their speed and reduces, because of its peculiar enzymatic activity, the dimension of pectic molecules. Endozym Active is also available in its liquid form, easy and practical to use.

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Endozym Eclair

Endozym Eclair is a microgranulated, very highly concentrated enzymatic preparation; it has been specifically studied to demolish grape pectic chains and presents a high pectinlyasic activity, enabling to reduce musts viscosity very quickly and facilitating a rapid decantation. Its utilization is suggested for white musts rich in pectic substances and with a high content in suspended solids. The microgranulated formulation does not produce powder and is completely soluble, without producing lumps. Endozym Eclair is very effective in the presence of a high microbiologic pollution and its utilization is excellent for musts obtained from pellicular extraction that sometimes are difficult to clarify for the high concentrations in solid particles. Endozym Eclair is particularly suited for Muscat grapes and, more generally, when difficult conditions for a valid clarification occur. When vinification processes take place at low temperatures, the choice of Endozym Eclair is the most suitable.

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Endozym Cultivar

Endozym Cultivar is a pectolitic enzyme based on concentrated pectinase, indicated for the varietal characterization in the treatment of grapes and musts. The enzymatic activity of its components is specific and aimed at improving the aromatic heritage of wines, completely developing the aromatic potentialities typical of the variety. Endozym Cultivar makes available in the volatile form since the end of the fermentation the aromatic compounds present in molecules combined with sugars in the form of terpenic bi-glycosides. Endozym Cultivar is also prepared in the liquid form, easy and practical to use.

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