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Endozym Glucapec

Endozym Glucapec is an enzymatic agent studied for the treatment of wines displaying a high concentration in glucans and pectins, compounds heavily influencing the clarification and the filterability of the processed products, putting serious uncertainties on the brightness of the finished wine. Endozym Glucapec is particularly indicated for the treatment of musts and wines deriving from Botrytis affected grapes and for the support it gives to young wines, or too much ripened wines, or pressed wines. Endozym Glucapec can be utilized on must, on wine at the end of the fermentation and also during maturation, contributing, in any specific case, to markedly improve general conditions.

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Endozym Glucalyse

Endozym Glucalyse is an enzyme realized by the AEB Group to sensibly improve wine refinement, improving its clarification and facilitating the increase of all sensorial parameters. Endozym Glucalyse totally eliminates the risk of interference on the oenological process through the glucans present in a determinant way because of the action of Botrytis cinerea on contaminated grapes. Endozym Glucalyse is the ideal agent for the “sur lies” refinement, as its action on the yeast cellular wall facilitates its lysis and ensures that polysaccharides are yielded to the wine that increase the body, stabilize color and the proteic outline and give a better aromatic persistence, in accordance with the present varietal aromas and the chosen vinification processes.

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Endozym Alphamyl SB1

Endozym Alphamyl SB1 is an innovative enzymatic preparation made up by AEB, acting at higher temperatures than those normal allowed for other bacterial amylases. Endozym Alphamyl SB1 quickly reduces the viscosity of the cereal mash and promotes the extraction of more concentrated wort, increasing yield during the mashing-in stage. The treatment with Endozym Alphamyl SB1 is carried out in the brewhouse during mashing in order to facilitate the hydrolysis of starch and its prompt transformation into fermentable maltose, glucose and soluble dextrins. The completion of the enzymatic action of Endozym Alphamyl SB1 is clearly indicated by the disappearance of the iodine reaction. The ensuing boiling of the wort totally inactivates the enzyme.

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Endozym Alphamyl SB2

Endozym Alphamyl SB2 is an agent with enzymatic structure containing purified alpha-amylase extracted from selected species of Aspergillus oryzae. Endozym Alphamyl SB2 completely degrades starch into dextrins causing the synthesis of maltose. The trials carried out on this product constantly showed that the preparation increases plants’ productive capacity because mash filterability is improved. Endozym Alphamyl SB2 is also suggested for treating mashes containing unmalted cereals, before the boiling stage and before they are added to the malt-containing mash. At doses between 10 and 100 mL/100 kg of raw grains, depending on the technical needs, Endozym Alphamyl SB2 is added to the mash water.

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Endozym Antibotrytis

Endozym Antibotrytis is an enzymatic preparation with secondary activities useful to solve problems deriving from the presence of Botrytis cinerea on grapes. Endozym Antibotrytis solves the problems deriving from the presence of mould on grapes and grants the correct vinification run; the final quality of the obtained wines is preserved by the effectiveness of the suggested innovative formulation. The action carried out by Endozym Antibotrytis is determinant in grapes heavily attacked by grey mould, responsible for problems which can not be solved either by the only sulphur dioxide or by other technological solutions.

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Endozym Glucacel UHT

Endozym Glucacel UHT is a preparation based on thermo-stable betaglucanase, ideal for the utilization during beer processing. The enzymatic agent, standardized to contain a minimum of 250 BGLU/g, possesses pentosanasic, cellulasic, xylanasic and arabinasic activities and facilitates the reduction processes of wort viscosity, strengthening the natural enzymatic betaglucanasic component naturally present in barley. Endozym Glucacel UHT is successfully utilized in the brewhouse during the mashing-in stage. All production trials show that the formulation increases the capacity of the mash filter and the following beer filtration. The product composition enhances the secondary enzymatic activities present in Endozym Glucacel UHT, suitable to grant the filtration cycle yield and to stabilize the finished beer. Endozym Glucacel UHT is very useful when added to the ready-to-use malt, at concentrations between 10 and 20 mL/100 kg of malt, depending on the types of barley to be processed, the viscosity values one wishes to obtain and the quantity of betaglucans one wishes to reduce.

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Glutathione peroxidase

Glutathione peroxidase (EC is the general name of an enzyme family with peroxidase activity whose main biological role is to protect the organism from oxidative damage. The biochemical function of glutathione peroxidase is to reduce lipid hydroperoxides to their corresponding alcohols and to reduce free hydrogen peroxide to water.

Trehalose FOOD GRADE 98%

Trehalose Food Additives

USES of trehalose:

l low sweetness food: all kinds of snacks, cakes, bean paste, jam, seasoning seasonings processed food in general.(instead of 10 to 100% white sugar)

l improve taste: canned food, fermented food, flavoring, health foods and material, improve alkali flavor, taste, spicy taste, inhibition of bitterness and astringency, etc.(it can be added between 0.5-7%, depending on the product.)

l protect aging protein: applied to the noodles, bread, rice, butter, barbecue seasoning sauce, Fried starchy foods such as meat pie in can receive good effect, the effect was more marked in low humidity or frozen.Frozen conditioning food (fish balls, fish paste products, etc., can improve tissue, enhance elasticity and patience, lactic acid bacteria beverages (increase the number of living bacteria and inhibit the fermentation flavor)

l resist moisture absorption: dried meat, pork floss, chocolate, chewing gum, donuts, particles, powder and seasoning, seaweed and processed foods, all kinds of powder coating, mix (of powder with 5%, and the rest right amount add)

l results sex: jelly, hard candy, lollipop, candied fruit, sugar and other (instead of 40-80% of white granulated sugar)

l keep food color, inhibiting Browning: keep bright red, to reduce the sweetness of strawberry jam, strawberry characteristic flavor and odor.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, trehalose can replace the role of water in plant and animal tissues or cells, namely in tissue and cell water loss, to play a number of benefits protection organization, the structure of a cell is not affected by dry and freeze damage.Therefore, the preservation of vegetables, meat and fruit is very effective.

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Product name

D(+)-Trehalose dihydrate




White crystal with a sweet taste, virtually odorless


Not less than 98%

Loss on drying

Less than 2.0% (60, 5h)

Total ash

Less than 0.06%


Less than 1mg/kilo


Less than 1mg/kilo


Less than 30 MPN/100g


5.0 - 6.7

Total aerobic counts

Less than 400 CFU per gram




3-methylbutanal reductase

3-methylbutanal reductase (EC is an enzyme that belongs to the family of oxidoreductases, specifically those acting on the CH-OH group of donor with NAD+ or NADP+ as acceptor. The systematic name of this enzyme class is 3-methylbutanol:NAD(P)+ oxidoreductase.

Lipase (from hog pancreas)

Lipase is a water-soluble enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of ester chemical bonds in water-insoluble lipid substrates. Lipases are a subclass of the esterases. Lipases are also being exploited as cheap and versatile catalysts to degrade lipids in more modern applications.

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