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Transaminase or an aminotransferase is an enzyme that catalyzes a type of reaction between an amino acid and an α-keto acid. The enzymes are important in the production of various amino acids, and measuring the concentrations of various transaminases in the blood is important in the diagnosing and tracking many diseases.


VEMOZYMЕ GO is a glucose oxidase preparation obtained by submerged fermentation of aspergillus niger and developed especially for bakery applications. VEMOZYMЕ GO catalyses the oxidation of glucose,as the result of this oxidation is gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide.It is used to strengthen gluten in dough systems.VEMOZYMЕ GO improves dough strength and elasticity,works resistant bagainst the process of freezing and thawing.

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Vemozymе FA

Vemozymе FA is a fungal alpha-amylase enzyme. Vemozymе FA is widely used for improvement of flours used for bakery applications when flours do not have enough alpha amylase.Addition of Vemozymе FA results in good crumb structure and high volume, due to the continuous production of low molecular weight dextrins.Vemozymе FA is inactivated during the baking process.

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5-Cyanoindole is a Vilazodone drug intermediate and inhibitor for enzymes.

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Alpha Amylase

Alpha Amylase randomly cleaves α-1,4-glucosidic linkages in starch and its degradation products. Water soluble oligosaccharides of varying lengths are produced as a result of hydrolysis. This helps in reducing the viscosity of gelatinized starch, thus increasing the efficiency of sugar crystallization and recovery process. Alpha Amylase is available in standard 25 kg drums but can be custom packed on request.


Alpha-Amylase is a protein enzyme EC that hydrolyses alpha bonds of large, alpha-linked polysaccharides, such as starch and glycogen, yielding glucose and maltose. Alpha-Amylase is the major form of amylase found in humans and other mammals.Alpha-Amylase is also present in seeds containing starch as a food reserve, and is secreted by many fungi.Alpha-Although found in many tissues, amylase is most prominent in pancreatic juice and saliva, each of which has its own isoform of human α-amylase.Alpha-Amylase is found in saliva and breaks starch into maltose and dextrin.Alpha-Amylases contain a number of distinct protein domains. The catalytic domain has a structure consisting of an eight-stranded alpha/beta barrel that contains the active site, interrupted by a ~70-amino acid calcium-binding domain protruding between beta strand 3 and alpha helix 3, and a carboxyl-terminal Greek key beta-barrel domain.

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Americos D9E4

Americos D9E4 is a concentrate enzyme specially designed for desizing and denim stone washing in one bath without prewashing with desizing enzymes separately. Americos D9E4 could be effectively used to gain very special color shade and abrasion effect, it is environmentally friendly and cost effective for denim washing.Americos D9E4 provides excellent stone washing effects without prewashing with desizing enzymes,gives fast and even abrasion effect with good anti-back staining effect,reduces processing time and improves production efficiency.


Ceruloplasmin (or caeruloplasmin) is a ferroxidase enzyme that in humans is encoded by the CP gene. Ceruloplasmin is the major copper-carrying protein in the blood, and in addition plays a role in iron metabolism.Another protein, hephaestin, is noted for its homology to ceruloplasmin, and also participates in iron and probably copper metabolism.

Corolase 7089

Corolase 7089 is a liquid enzyme complex. This product is a bacterial protease for yeast nutrition improvement. It can also be used for protein hydrolysis in a neutral-pH range.Corolase 7089 can be used in the fermentation of a variety of alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, and spirits.COROLASE 7089 is a neutral protease that contains exclusively endo-peptidase activitiy. It is obtained from Bacillus subtilis cultures. It is used for the hydrolysis of proteins from several sources. Typical applications include the production of hydrolysates of wheat gluten, soya protein, gelatine, upgrade of fish protein from by-products and milk proteins. COROLASE 7089 is used either as a single enzyme or in combination with other proteinases.

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Corolase H-PH

Corolase H-PH is a liquid enzyme complex. This product is a bacterial endo-peptidase for protein hydrolysis in an alkaline pH range. Corolase H-PH can be used to liquify cereal proteins.

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