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Tex-FBP is a liquid acid cellulase (carbohydrase enzyme) preparation which readily converts cellulose to lower molecular weight polymers under the proper processing conditions. Tex-FBP is an acid stable form of cellulase and is best run at pH 4.5 to 5.5 and temperature of 50°C – 55°C. It appreciably remove the fuzz and cotton pill balls from garments, sweaters, socks and others as a result of long wet processing or garment dyeing cycles. It increases the "stone wash" effect on rotary washed garments when using a significant amount of pumice stones and/or other abrasives. It may be used in pre-washing to further increase softening.

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Trizyme is a blend of alpha amylase beta glucanase and proteolytic enzymes which can be added directly to the mash to produce glucose FAN's from barley malt wheat rye and oat sorghum and maize.

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VERON N is a xylanase used for the treatment of noodle products to improve processing, increase firmness and reduce oil absorption in instant noodles. VERON N enzymes used in Noodle and Pasta are used as processing aids in the first steps of the manufacturing process and are deactivated during the high temperature drying step of dry noodle and pasta.

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VERON P serves as a strong dough relaxation agent to significantly shorten dough resting times and optimized dough rheology and ensures final products with desired properties. VERON P is primarily used in countries with processing aminly strong high protein bakery flours.

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VERON W is a special proteinase preparation with xylanase activity for fast liquid action of gluten in wafer batters. It reduces the batter viscosity thereby the water content can often be reduced by 10% as compared with untreated batter. VERON W considerable savings in energy and improved quality and production safety.

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Valumax belongs to cellulase class of enzymes. It is a off white granulate with slightly fermentation odor.Produced by submerged fermentation of genetically modified micro organisms.


Arginase is a manganese-containing enzyme.It is the final enzyme of the urea cycle.Arginase deficiency typically refers to decreased function of arginase I, the liver isoform of arginase. This deficiency is commonly referred to as hyperargininemia or arginemia.


Desatase is an amylolytic preparation (EC, pullulan 6-glucano-hydrolase) which catalyzes the hydrolysis of the alpha-1,6 linkages of amylopectine allowing to reach higher maltose yields in combination with maltogenic amylases. It may be added in the beginning of the mash.It can be used alone to enhance the malt native ß-amylase action by hydrolysing the alpha-1,6 linkages of amylopectin. Or it can be used in combination with Glucosylase or Maltosylase. It may also be added to the fermenter in association with a maltogenic enzyme like Maltosylase. Both enzymes preparations are inactivated after 1-2 Pasteurisation Unit.


ECOSTONE cellulase enzymes contain both neutral, acid and hybrid enzymes in difference concentrations, offering unique combinations that make these enzymes highly effective in creating a rich variety of effects on denim. They give denim finishers the flexibility to use a wide range of washing parameters, depending on the precise requirements of the process.

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Elastase is an enzyme from the class of proteases (peptidases) that breaks down proteins .Elastase breaks down elastin, an elastic fiber that, together with collagen, determines the mechanical properties of connective tissue.

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