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VERON 292 is concentrated xylanase for dough extensibility, high baking volume even at low dosages, improved break-and-shred, soft and fine crumb structure.It is used to produce stable, fluffy dough and voluminous loaves of bread with a soft, elastic crumb. VERON 292 is typically used as a processing aid in the first steps of the baking process.

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VERON 393 is a concentrated xylanase baking enzyme used to impart dry and stable dough properties, even when using high dosages. It delivers high baking volume and improved performance in retarded and frozen doughs. VERON 393 is used to produce stable, fluffy dough and voluminous loaves of bread with a soft and elastic crumb.

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VERON ESL is a classical Alpha amylase product with xylanase activities to obtain improved crumb softness in yeast raised baked goods. By this VERON ESL improved dough properties, a better crumb softness and a high baking volume are achieved.

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VERON HPP is typically used to manufacture long life confectionery products. In biscuit and cracker-production VERON HPP provides reduced dough resting times, with improved dough extensibility and dough handling The final products have an improved quality, e.g. pleasant brown colour, smooth surface, round edges and products of the desired packaging size and weight.

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VERON L10 is liquid proteinase preparation based on papain for the production of biscuits and crackers. The enzyme hydrolyses the gluten structure to such an extent that the dough looses its elastic properties, it is easy to laminate and does not shrink.

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VERON NDL is a xylanase baking enzyme with additional lypolitic activity to improve processing, increase firmness, and achieve a whiter colour. It is used as a processing aid in the first steps of the manufacturing process, in order to increase processing and extrusion, and is deactivated during the high-temperature drying step of dry noodles and pasta.

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VICO ACEN is a strong acid bating enzyme designed for leather processing.

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VICO ALEN is a strong alkali enzyme bate designed for leather processing.

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Veron Rye

Veron Rye is a dough stabilizing baking enzyme used in cases where high proportions of fibres in rye interfere with the balanced ratio of starch, glutens and pentosans in the dough and reduce baking capacity. This cellulase preparation for rye bread production is used in order to obtain dry and process-ready dough properties, with an excellent fermentation stability. Veron Rye will increase baking volume significantly.

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ABZIME-AFE is highly fading enzyme in liquid. ABZIME-AFE can improve brightness contrast of with better results. It is mainly used for Denim and Sulfur / Reactive over dyed garments in wash wheel process at low dosages.

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