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CHEMOL 414 is a sulfated and sulfited lecithin based fatliquor for soft leathers such as garment and furniture leathers. It produces lightweight leathers which are soft and fluffy. It is in the form of yellow-brown free flowing anionic liquid, highly concentrated with 80% activity and a pH of 5.5 to 6.5.

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CHEMOL 63T is a workhorse fatliquor for split suede for inner softness, enhance color value and feel after dry milling. Its highly concentrated activity level is 80%.

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CORIPOL GF is a universal fatliquor giving a pleasant touch and very good dyeability to all kinds of nappa, suede and split leathers. CORIPOL GF product imparts high inner softness and, very importantly, it has no negative effect on the odour of the finished item. CORIPOL GF is the ideal main fatliquor for splits and especially for high quality garment and furniture nappa made from hides or small skins. This product is very stable to hard water and also has very good stability to chrome, vegetable tanning agents and the various salts normally used in the tannery.

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CORIPOL MK is a main fatliquor for very soft furniture leathers. It is the ideal product for furniture leathers, imparting a very soft and fluffy handle. CORIPOL MK can be combined with anionic fatliquoring agents, such as CORIPOL GF, CORIPOL UF/W, CORIPOL SG or CORIPOL BNV/W.

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Fatliquors manufactured with high quality and renewable raw materials ensuring to obtain leathers with outstanding softness and meet all the customer requirements.


RATNOL ASN is a lightfast synthetic fatliquor for universal application in leather industry. It is based on saturated hydrocarbons. Due to the formation of micro emulsion in aqueous solutions it penetrates deeply and uniformly throughout the entire cross-section of leather giving uniform internal softness. It's excellent light fastness makes it suitable for white, pastel coloured and aniline leather. It is compatible with other oils such as fish oil, vegetable oils etc. Owing to its high emulsifying power, it helps in emulsification of other oils when used in combination.

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TRUPON AMC is ideally suited for fatliquoring of all types of softy leathers including furniture leather where its use will provide a light fluffy handle, a smooth grain characteristic and an even level dying. It exhibits on suede leathers excellent softness together with outstanding sheen and lustre. It is designed as main fatliquor, but it can be also applied during chrome tannage. It will enhance the colour value of dyed leather.

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TRUPON COL is an anionic fatliquor designed to produce outstanding softness on all types of leather. Leathers fatliquored with TRUPON COL exhibit an open fluffy handle coupled with extremely fine grain characteristics. It is well suited for the production of ‘super soft’ shoe upper and ‘floater’ style leathers. When used in the production of garment leathers it imparts a cloth-like handle coupled with a smooth creamy grain.

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AMARFAT AWR is used for fatliquoring and waterproofing leather. It offers an easy production of waterproof grain and suede leather of high quality. Depending on the hide material and the leather thickness the waterproofing can be increased until full impregnation. AMARFAT AWR has outstanding presentation and fixing properties in a leather which is accordingly pre-treated. The neutralization has to be mild bit through the whole coss section to pH not lower than 4.5.

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CHEMOL 369H is a blend of natural and synthetic oils for making soft leathers. Typically used as the main fat liquor in upholstery, garment, and hard shelled leathers such as pigskin. Imparts a neutral odor in the leather, produces level dyeing, and minimal bleaching. Also compatible with most other fat liquors.

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