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CORIPOL SLG is a fatliquoring agent for soft and tight-grain leathers. It is suitable for all soft and tight grain leathers. CORIPOL SLG promotes improved cutting-yield in appropriate recipes. It has a low bleaching-effect on dyes and is stable in the presence of chrome and electrolytes. CORIPOL SLG is an emulsion based on a combination of natural and synthetic fatty substances. It has very good light fastness and heat resistance.


CROMAFAT PE is a fatliquor based on synthetic oil with special emulsifiers used in leather industries.

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CROMAFAT SS is a fatliquor based on sulphated synthetic sperm oil used in leather industries.

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Denoil SN-P

Denoil SN-P is a synthetic fat liquor blend. It is a special fat liquor blend for soft and light weight, It can be used for bag, shoe, double face leather, and further it gives very good softness.

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SOLVOTAN VM is a special cationic fatliquor, suitable for diverse articles and leathers. It is particularly useful for more anionic leathers which require a high degree of inner softness and a fluffy, round handle. It facilitates the production of fine-grained leathers with an extremely pleasant handle and remarkable fullness. It enhances a smooth, fine grain pattern, contributes to an even chrome distribution and a good inner softness.

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Turbofat SL

Turbofat SL is lanolin based fat liquor with good lubrication properties for silky soft handle and fullness.

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VICASTOL SN is a pure synthetic lightfast fatliquor suitable for sheep, goat, cow, buffalo in production of all types of leather.

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ZSIVIROL B3 is mainly used in the main fatliquoring bath for soft gloving, garment and upholstery leather where ever extreme softness is needed. It is stable to acids and salts under usual tannery conditions. It provides good light fastness, gives waxy touch and silky feel.

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ZSIVIROL CA is a spew retardant and strength improving fatliquor. It improves tensile strength of the leather and is mainly used in garment and gloving leather. It is a unique formulation withstanding sub-zero temperatures and prevents the moisture entering into the leather thereby controlling the humidity entering into the leather. It has very good light fastness and can be used for white leathers. It produces excellent waxy touch with smooth grain.

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Acipol SS-17

Acipol SS-17 is a semi synthetic fat based on fatty acid ester & natural oils and is a functional substitute for neats foot oil based fatliquor. It is used for shoe upper leathers.

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