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Vensoft - CWS - 100

Vensoft - CWS - 100 is a cationic fat liquor based on fatty acid condensation products, finding use in a wide variety of applications in leather industry.

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SYNTHETIC FATLIQUOR SE is a compound of natural oil and synthetic fatliquor. It is an anionic fatliquor specially formulated with various components to meet the requirement of leather fatliquoring, can be used for the fatliquoring of softies, such as nappa, suedes, garment and gloving leathers. If mixed with other fatliquors, it can be used for uppers and ball leather processing.

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No.2 LEATHER SOLFTENING OIL is a compound of natural oil and petroleum and it is an anionic fatliquor. It has high emulisfying and penetrating power and excellent emulsion stability, and is suitable for the fatliquoring of light leathers and garment-gloving leather and luggage leather, the oil will not be volatile and will make the leather always soft, full and elastic and the leather products will be kept to a longer life due to that they will not become hard with long time storage.

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