Fertilizers are plant enhancers helps plant growth provides essential nutrients



IDECOMPO G is a thatch decomposer mainly for a green use in golf courses. It contains zeolite so soil improving effects are also expected.

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MAHAMAGNUM is the most concentrated water-soluble fertilizer containing both important P-K nutrients. MAHAMAGNUM is the best suited for excellent flowering and fruit setting / fruit development and has source for P and K elements, allows free selection of desired nitrogen source at crop stages when Zero Fifnitrogen is required.

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Phosphorus is a multivalent nonmetal of the nitrogen group. It is a component of DNA, RNA, ATP, and also the phospholipids that form all cell membranes. It is thus an essential element for all living cells, and organisms tend to accumulate and concentrate it. Today, the most important commercial use of phosphorus-based chemicals is the production of fertilizers, to replace the phosphorus that plants remove from the soil. It is widely used to make organophosphorus compounds. It is also an important component in steel production, in the making of phosphor bronze, and in many other related products. Phosphates are utilized in the making of special glasses that are used for sodium lamps.

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IDECOMPO EX is a new grade that thatch decomposing ability is more reinforced and the product is broken faster than that of 21S and N8R. IDECOMPO EX can easily collapse on a turf surface; therefore the active ingredients rapidly reach to thatch layer and work.


IDECOMPO GS is formulated as a wettable powder for the use in greens. It can be applied by a sprayer, and also mixed with pesticides and sprayed at the same time (except a few fungicides).It is a wettable power and can be mixed with other pesticides or liquid fertilizers.

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MAHABLUSTER is free-flowing, fine crystalline powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water. It contains nitrogen in different forms needed gradually at different growth stages of crops. MAHABLUSTER is useful specially for healthy vegetative growth of plants. It is virtually free from chloride, sodium & other harmful elements for plants.

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MULTIPOTASH contains sulphur which helps to improve shelf life of fruits besides sugar content. MULTIPOTASH is useful for fruit quality, bumper fruit weight, fruit color, shining etc. It can be applied in combination with n, np and pk fertilizers according to crop needs. MULTIPOTASH is a free-flowing, fine crystalline powder which is fully soluble in water.

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NEELCO-8050 can be used for compound fertilizer industries.

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Nitric Acid

Nitric acid is commonly used as a strong oxidizing agent. The main use of nitric acid is for the production of fertilizers. Other important uses include etching and dissolution of metals, especially as a component of aqua regia for the purification and extraction of gold, and in chemical synthesis. It has been used in various forms as the oxidizer in liquid-fueled rockets.

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URESOFT 120 is used as an anti-caking agent for Urea, ASC fertilizers.

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