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Glycoluril is the heterocyclic nitrogen containing compound, mainly uses as the bactericide Tetrachloroglycine urea, flame retardant agent of synthetic materials and slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, used in the synthesis of Glycoluril resin, other glycoluril derivatives.

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Growmax FORT

Growmax FORT is a homogeneous Suspension fertilizer produce from premium quality raw materials without impurities. Free of chlorine compounds, sodium, and heavy metals. Growmax FORT is high qualify, economical and concentrated product meeting your crop needs. It lowers soil pH which leads to increase the availability of plant nutrients, contains all trace elements chelated which make it more available for plants,suitable for fertigation and foliar applications and can be mixed with most other fertilizers and agrochemicals.

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High Protein Castor De Oiled Cake (Castor Meal)

High Protein Castor De Oiled Cake - Organic Fertilizer

High Protein De-oiled castor cake is also called castor meal, castor cake, castor residue or castor extract.

Castor meal - the residue obtained from castor oil cake by the solvent extraction process - is one of the most versatile natural manures. It is truly organic manure which enhances the fertility of the soil without causing any damage or decay. It is enriched with the three big elements vital and conducive to the proper growth of crops - Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. It also has traces of nutrients like Manganese, Zinc and Copper, thus making it a balanced fertilizer. Moreover, it helps to neutralize the detrimental effects of chemical fertilizers. Apart from their contribution to Nutrients, they have a number of benefits in agriculture, which none of the synthetic fertilizers or pesticides can offer. They bring in the wonderful molecules that nature has designed to help the plants flourish naturally. They provide slow and steady nourishment, stimulation, protection from soil nematodes and insects; improve yields, and quality of product like taste, flavor, amino acid composition etc.

The protein content of castor seed meal varies from 30% - 60%, It has an ideal amino acid profile with moderately high Cystine, mithionine, and isoleucine. But its anti nutritional substances, ricin, ricine and an allergen restrict its use in poultry feed, even at a very low level of inclusion.

High Protein Castor De Oiled Cake is an excellent fertilizer because of high content of Nitrogen, Phosphoric Acid and Potash and moisture retention and it is also the prominent organic fertilizer can be used to as alternatives to chemical fertilizer. It is simple manure, which acts progressively that encourages soil microbial activity. 100 kg of High Protein castor De Oiled cake brings to the floor as much nitrogen (N) as 1400 kg to 1800 kg of cow dung. The castor De Oiled cake has insecticidal properties and naturally pest repellent. It is can be used in organic farming.

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HumiGro is an organic bio-active liquid formulation containing 18% Potassium Humate. It is growth-stimulant and soil conditioner especially for sandy and clay soils. HumiGro increases yield and improves quality of plants. It improves nutrient uptake through the leaves and roots. Increase capacities of water holding and cation exchange. HumiGro increases microbiological activity of soil.

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Hydroxyethylenediphosphonic Acid

Hydroxyethylenediphosphonic Acid is an organophosphoric acid. It is a corrosion inhibitor.It can also dissolve the oxidized material on the metal surfaces.It is used as scale and corrosion inhibition in circulating cool water system, oil field and low-pressure boilers in fields such as electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, fertilizer , as detergent for metal and nonmetal in light woven industry, as peroxide stabilizer and dye-fixing agent in dyeing industry , as chelating agent in non-cyanide electroplating.

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IDECOMPO 21S is a microbial agent. IDECOMPO 21S decomposes the thatch layer which gradually accumulates as mowing is repeated, and contributes to healthier growth of turf. It also has a fertilizing effect; therefore it is not necessary to apply fertilizer additionally.

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IDECOMPO EX is a new grade that thatch decomposing ability is more reinforced and the product is broken faster than that of 21S and N8R. IDECOMPO EX can easily collapse on a turf surface; therefore the active ingredients rapidly reach to thatch layer and work.

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IDECOMPO G is a thatch decomposer mainly for a green use in golf courses. It contains zeolite so soil improving effects are also expected.

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IDECOMPO GS is formulated as a wettable powder for the use in greens. It can be applied by a sprayer, and also mixed with pesticides and sprayed at the same time (except a few fungicides).It is a wettable power and can be mixed with other pesticides or liquid fertilizers.

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IDECOMPO N8R is a microbial agent and a grade which has higher nitrogen content than 21S. It decomposes a thatch layer, which gradually accumulate as mowing repeated, and contribute to healthier growth of turf. IDECOMPO N8R contains a new type of Bacillus with higher performance of thatch decomposition.

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