Leather industry fillers fills damaged holes in leather surfaces



KNOX WAX 780 is a very stable wax dispersion which gives good filling and easy plating or embossing properties. It can be used in resin as well as in glaze finishes to improve handle and look of the finished leathers.KNOX WAX 780 is mainly used in base coats but it can also be used in top coats, when a dull finish with a waxy feel is to be achieved.KNOX WAX 780 is stable over a wide range and is suitable for variety of finishing systems. It also helps to improve the plate release in resin finishing.KNOX WAX 780 can be used in resin as well as glaze finishing of softy and upper leathers to improve the handle and look of the final leather.

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Lepton Filler FCG

Lepton Filler FCG acts as a filler and gives leather with a smooth, settled appearance. It is especially recommended for use in finishes with high hiding power applied to corrected-grain cattlehide and splits and for upgrading leather made from low-quality raw stock.

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Lepton Filler LB-ST

Lepton Filler LB-ST is used as auxiliary for extremely soft leathers, such as clothing and upholstery nappa. It improves the leveling, filling and the uniformity of the surface, providing a pleasant touch and a natural look.

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VECOPLAST AM is a filling, levelling and anti-sticking agent. It gives to leather finishings, especially buffed leather, a good fullness keeping excellent adhesion. It enhances the covering and the levelling of the applied mixtures, improving the scratch resistance and reducing the tackiness. The grain keeps a very natural aspect.

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VECOPLAST M is a matting, filling, softening and anti-sticking auxiliary. It gives the nappa skins (upholstery etc.) softness, excellent resistance to scratches and abrasion during dry milling, keeps an excellent finishing adhesion and good embossing properties. It does not thicken the base coat mixtures and increases the levelling of the finishing. The product is used specifically for upholstery. It avoids stickness of polymeric binders to hot ironing and piling. With VECOPLAST M it can be possible to embossy without intermediate passage.

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VECOPLAST STUCCO SH is a lightweight acrylic filler that covers very well but does not load the skin. It is mostly used on upholstery and upper shoe leather to cover and rebuff defects as scratches, abrasions, scars, wrinkles, etc. It is normally applied by spatula before or between buffing. The rebuffing is excellent. The adhesion on leather is excellent, it does not swell in water, it has good embossy properties, good resistance to dry milling and also good wet and dry flexometer values.

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