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Allyl Magnesium Chloride

Allylmagnesium chloride is a chemical compound with molecular formula C3H5ClMg. It reacts vigorously with water.

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ammonium molybdate CP 99

Tirupati Industries (India) Limited manufactures high quality AMMONIUM MOLYBDATE in various grades Commercial, LR, AR. 

The product can also be customized to the specific requirements of our customers. 

oleylamine Technical 70%

Oleylamine is the organic compound with the formula C18H35NH2. It is an unsaturated fatty amine related to the fatty acid oleic acid. Although the pure compound is a colorless oil, typical commercial samples are yellowish and contain a few percent other fatty amines.[


4-Nitrophenylacetonitrile is used in synthesis of organic chemicals.

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Cerium Phosphate CP 99.9%

Cesium Phosphate CAS 13454-71-2  Rare Earth Salt Compounds CeO2 REO 99.9%


PID: 80009845

Product Name: Folic acid

Purity: 95+%

CAS Number: 59-30-3

MDL Number: MFCD00079305

EINECS: 200-419-0

Molecular Formula: C19H19N7O6

Molecular Weight: 441.3975

Melting Point: 250°C

Optical Rotation: 20

L-Valine 99%, CAS 72-18-4

What is L-Valine? L-Valine is one of the essential amino acids. It exists in the leaves and smoke of flue-cured tobacco and burley tobacco. It is one of the branched chain amino acids (BCAA). The important character of L-Valine L-type amino acids are easier to absorb than D-type amino acids. There is competition among the organism?s transportations of amino acids. The transportation of one amino acid could be restrained by the existence of another amino acids. For example, excess lysine in the formula feed will restrain the absorption of arginine. However, L-Valine of high concentration (100mM) does not affect the absorption of L- methionine. This is because L-Valine could be transported by another channel. What does L-Valine do? In recent years, people found out that L-Valine is an important intermediate for synthesizing various APIs and Agricultural chemicals. L-Valine?s annual consumption surges to thousands of tons ever since. For human-beings L-Valine can cure hepatic failure and central nervous system dysfunction. The requisite amount for male adults is 10mg/?kg?d?. The physiological effect of L-Valine is twice as that of D-valine. Lack of L-Valine can cause neurological disorder, arrest of development, weight loss, anemia, etc. As a nutritional supplement, L-Valine can be used for formulating amino acids infusion and synthesis of amino acid preparation with other essential amino acids. In particular, it could be used to formulate high branched chain amino acid infusion (i.e. 3H infusion) and oral liquid (i.e. Liver Ann dry syrup). Moreover, if apply valine (1g/kg) to rice-made pastry, there will be an aroma of sesame. Thus, L-Valine could be applied to bread for taste improvement.

(R)-T-BINAP Technical 97.5

Chemical Name:(R)-T-BINAP


CAS Number:99646-28-3
Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:678.78
MDL Number:MFCD01311709

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