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Appolo 325

Appolo 325 is used as UV absorber in Textile Auxiliary.Appolo 325 can be used for PVC, PP, ABS, engineering plastics, natural latex, varnish, paint, rubber, and so on.

Appolo 459

Appolo 459 is triazine intermediate to manufacture UV absorbers as plastic additive.

Appolo 461

Appolo 461 is used as intermediate to manufacture Appolo 462 which is UV absorber additive for general plastics and coatings.

Appolo 462

Appolo 462 is Triazine-based UVA that has a very high absorption capacity in the ultraviolet region near 350 to 380 nm.

Appolo 477

Appolo 477 is used in Agrochemicals industries.

Appolo 478

Appolo 478 is high performance Hydroxy Phenyl Triazine UV absorber used in  surface protective coatings which are exposed to sun.

Appolo 480

Appolo 480 has excellent UV absorption ability and anti-oxidation.  Therefore it is used in plastic coating additive.Appolo 480 can be used for PVC, PP, ABS, engineering plastics, natural latex, varnish, paint,  rubber, and so on. Appolo 480 has better UV absorption ability than UV-9, UV-327, UV-531, UV-0 and so on.Appolo 480 can absorb almost all UV from 300nm to near 380nm. Has better thermal stability  than UV-9 and so on.Appolo 480 has good heat tolerance, and antioxidization effect too.Appolo 480 also used In medical research.

Appolo 565

Appolo 565 is Antioxidant for unsaturated elastomers such as BR, IR & SBR

Venus 5700

Venus 5700 is an antiviral and antibacterial agent suitable for all types of plastic polymers.
- Venus 5700 is a silanol quaternary ammonium compound having a hydroxyl or hydrolyzable silane group  capable of undergoing a condensation polymerization reaction to form a homo or copolymer, or forming a  covalent bond with the plastic or other components in the plastic composition.
- Venus 5700 possess bacteriostatic, fungistatic, algaestatic and bacteriocidal,fungicidal and algaecidal properties.

The method involves dispersing Venus-5700 uniformly throughout the plastic for example, By compound extrusion processing of such plastics when in a fluid state.

a) The dispersion process uses Venus-5700 either neat or pre-dispersed in plasticizers or pigments commonly  used in plastic extrusion processes, OR in form of a Masterbatch concentrate.
b) The dispersion process can also be done in solvent followed by solvent evaporation/recovery and then cast,  molded, rolled in to desired form.
c) Concentration of Venus-5700- 1 to 6% (Depending on the polymer and application)

Appolo 1000

Appolo 1000 is Hydroxy phenyl triazine UV absorber which has very low volatility  at high process temperature.Appolo 1000 is used in Polycarbonate, polyethylene terepthalates etc.


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