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Sodium -2-ethyl hexanoate Technical 99.9%

Sodium 2-ethylhexanoate is useful in acylation of amines. It is an active ingredient in wood preservative agent. It is mainly used for synthetic 2-ethylhexanoic acid and calcium, magnesium salts. It is also used in salt forming agent of pharmaceutical, dry catalytic agent of the paint, polymer stabilizers, crosslinking agent, thickening agent of oil, and energy-saving additive of fuel.

Zirconium Oxychloride Industrial Grade 99%

Zirconium oxychloride octahydrate is white crystalline powder, which is a common zirconium salt. It lose six crystalline water at 150℃ and turn to anhydrous at 210℃。 Zirconium(IV) oxychloride octahydrate is stable at room temperature and pressure. It is soluble in water, methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol and ether, slightly soluble in hydrochloric acid, however insoluble in other organic solvent.

Zirconium Oxychloride Octahydrate

CAS No.:13520-92-8 EINECS No.:231-717-9 Molecular Formula:ZrOCl2.8H2O Molecular Formula:322.25
Melting Point:400℃ Density:1.91 UN 3260 8/PG 2  


Zirconium(IV) oxychloride octahydrate is raw material for zirconium dioxide. It is additive for rubber, drier for paiting, a refractory material, a ceramic material, galze and treating agent for fiber.

2-(2-ethoxy ethoxy)-ethanol Technical 99.5

Stable. Combustible. Note wide explosion limits. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong acids, acid chlorides, acid anhydrides. Hygroscopic. ORL-RAT LD50 6500 mg kg-1 , SKN-RAT LD50 6000 mg kg-1 , IPR-RAT LD50 6310 mg kg-1  

Gravity: 0.987-0.99 g/mL / 20 °C

Flash Point:  96 °C
Boiling Point: 201-202 °C


2-Chloro ethoxy acetic acid Technical 99.95

high purity lowest priceAppearance:solid or liquid Storage:in sealed air resistant place Package:drum and bag Application:for pharma use Transportation:by sea or air 

Praseodymium Hydride Industrial Grade 99.5%

Praseodymium hydride is rare earth metal hydride powder.

Praseodymium Hydride

Purity: Pr/RE 99.5% 2N5

Particle size: -100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:13864-03-4 EC No.:237-609-8 Molecular Formula:PrH3 Molecular Weight:143.93


Trimethylsulfoxonium iodide Technical 99.0%

Name: Trimethylsulfoxonium iodide, TMSOI

Cas: 1774-47-6

Molecular formula: C3H9IOS

Appearance: White to yellowish crystal

Purity: ≥99.0%

Application: Intermediates of fluconazole, used for steroid drugs and pesticides.

Zinc Selenide Powder Industrial Grade 99.9%

Zinc selenide powder is white cubic crystal,which is odorless and toxic. When come to light, it turn red rapidly. It is soluble in water. When dissolve in fuming hydrochloric acid, it reacts with hydrogen peroxide and form zinc selenate.

Zinc Selenide Powder

CAS No.:1315-09-9 EINECS No.:215-259-7 Molecular Formula:ZnSe Molecular Weight:144.33
Melting Point:1100℃ Density:5.42 UN 3283 6.1/PG2  


Zinc selenide powder is mainly for fluorescent material and semiconductor dopant. It gets wide applications in laser, medicine, astronomy and infrared night vision.

Gadolinium Hexaboride Industrial Grade 99.9%

Gadolinium hexaboride is purple crystalline powder, which is rare earth metal boride. It is insoluble in water.

Gadolinium Hexaboride

Purity: Gd/RE 99.9% 3N

Particle size: -20~500mesh


CAS No.:12008-06-9 EINECS No.:234-530-0 Molecular Formula:GdB6 Molecular Weight:222.12
Density:5.27 Melting Point:2100℃  


Praseodymium Fluoride Industrial Grade 99.5%

Praseodymium fluoride is bright blue powder, which tend to absorb moisture. It is insoluble. Pr2O3Pr6O11PrO2 or praseodymium nitrate is the raw material.

Praseodymium Fluoride

Purity: Pr/RE 99.5% 2N5

CAS No.:13709-46-1 EINECS No.:237-254-9 Molecular Formula:PrF3 Molecular Weight:197.90
Density:6.3 Melting Point:1395℃ UN 3288 6.1/PG 3  


Praseodymium trifluoride get uses in optical coating, vacuum deposition, laser crystal, raw material of monocrystal, laser amplifier and catalytic addictives. It is also raw material for praseodymium metal and additive of arc carbon rod.

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