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Tri Styrenated Phenol Ethoxylate Purified 99

MALLAK TSP 20 is especially for solvent-free and high solid applications, such as industrial protective paints, construction epoxy paints, marine paints, floorings. Kumanox 3111 (MSP-3) provides enhanced performances in water and moisture resistance, uv-resistance, adhesion, drying time, flexibility, abrasion resistance, hardness, self-leveling

europium sulfide lab grade 99% LAB GRADE 99%

Europium sulfide is dark gray powder, which is a kind of rare earth sulfides. The other names are europium(II) sulfide, europium sulphide. It is stable in air. Eu2O3 is the raw material. It can use europium oxalate or europium sulfate as raw material too.

Europium Sulfide

CAS No.: 12020-65-4 EINECS No.: 234-661-3 Molecular Formula: EuS Molecular Weight:184.02


>99.95% >99% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001%
Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu
<0.000% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001%
Fe Si Ca Al Cu Ni O S
<0.0003% <0.0005% <0.0002% <0.0005% <0.0003% <0.0003% <0.0003% <1.0%


vanadium sulfide lab grade 99% LAB GRADE 99%

Vanadium sulfide is of monoclinic system. It tend to oxidize in air, which could be oxidized by nitric acid. It is insoluble in dilute sodium hydroxide. Hydrogen sulfide, vanadium oxide or carbon sulfide, vanadium pentoxide is as the raw materials.

Vanadium Sulfide

Its appearance is black powder. It has other synonyms as vanadium sesquisulphide, vanadium trisulfide,  vanadium pentasulfide, vanadium(III) sulfide.

CAS No.:1315-03-3Molecular Formula:V2S3Molecular Weight:198.08Density:4.7g/cm3UN: 3288 6.1/PG 2

Vanadium sulfide own the property of metallic conduction and paramagnetism. It is a kind of paramagnetic material.

(S)-RuCl[(p-cymene)(DM-BINAP)]Cl Technical 98

Chemical Name:(S)-RuCl[(p-cymene)(DM-BINAP)]Cl

Chloro[(S)-(−)-2,2′-bis(di-(3,5-xylyl)phosphino)-1,1′-binaphthyl](p-cymene)ruthenium(II) chloride

CAS Number:1345887-44-6
Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:984.99
MDL Number:MFCD09753014

2-Chloro Ethoxyethoxy ethanol Technical 99.95

Boiling Point: 256-258 °C, Gravity: 1.16 g/mL Fluorochem, Stable. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. 

2-Hydroxy-5-Methyl Acetophenone LAB GRADE 99%

Appearance & Physical State:yellow crystalline powderDensity:1.079Melting Point:45-49ºCBoiling Point:112-114ºC 12mmFlash Point:>230 °FRefractive Index:1.5343 (53ºC)Stability:Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.Storage Condition:Store in a cool, dry place. Store in a tightly closed container.Vapor Pressure:0.0206mmHg at 25°C


neodymium sulfide lab grade 99% LAB GRADE 99%

Neodymium sulfide is reddish brown powder, which is a kind of rare earth sulfides. The other names are neodymium trisulfide, neodymium(III) sulphide. There are two kinds of structure, α-type and γ-type. The first of same structure to Gd2S3 is orthorhombic system, which is reddish brown solid. The second of same structure to Th3P4 is cubic system, which is yellow solid. Nd2S3 is n-type semiconductor material.

Neodymium Sulfide

CAS No.: 12035-32-4 EINECS No.: 234-820-7 Molecular Weight: Nd2S3 Molecular Weight: 384.678
Melting Point:2207℃ Density: 5.46    


Nd2S3/TRES TRES La Ce Pr Gd Y Sm
>99.95% >99% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001%
Eu Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb  
<0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001%  
Fe Si Al Cu Pb S C  
<0.0003% <0.0025% <0.0008% <0.0003% <0.0003% <1.0% <0.005


2-Acryloylamino-2-Methylpropane-1-Sulfonic Acid

2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid is a reactive, hydrophilic, sulfonic acid acrylic monomer capable of imparting a number of distinctive high-performance characteristics to a wide variety of anionic polymers. It is used in water treatment, oil field, construction chemicals, hydrogels for medical applications, personal care products, emulsion coating and adhesives, rheology modifier,etc.

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