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Ruthenium Nitrosyl Chloride Industrial Grade 99%

Ruthenium nitrosylchloride is brown crystalline powder, which is a precious metal salts. It is stable at room temperature and room pressure.

Ruthenium Nitrosylchloride

CAS No.:18902-42-6 EINECS No.:242-651-5 Molecular Formula:Ru(NO)Cl3 Molecular Weight:237.43
Melting Point:180℃ Ru Content:≥41.5%    


Ruthenium(III) nitrosychloride is a noble metal chemical for experiment uses.

9,9-DiMethylfluorene-2-boronic acid pinacol ester

Product Name:1,3,2-DIOXABOROLANE, 2-(9,9-DIMETHYL-9H-FLUOREN-2-YL)-4,4,5,5-TETRAMETHYLSynonyms:1,3,2-DIOXABOROLANE, 2-(9,9-DIMETHYL-9H-FLUOREN-2-YL)-4,4,5,5-TETRAMETHYL;2-(9,9-DIMETHYL-9H-FLUOREN-2-YL)-4,4,5,5-TETRAMETHYL-1,3,2-DIOXABOROLANE;1,3,2-Dioxaborolane,2-(9,9-dimethyl-9H-fluoren-2-;2-(9,9-DIMETHYL-9H-FLUOROEN-2-YL)-4,4,5,5-TETRAMETHYL-1,3,2-DIOXABOROLANE;1,3,2-DIOXABOROLANE, 2-(9,9-DIMETHYL-9H-FLUOREN-2-YL)-4,4,5,5-TETRAMETHYL- (9CI);9,9-DiMethylfluorene-2-boronic acid pinacol ester, 95%;FL-BECAS:569343-09-5MF:C21H25BO2


Benzethonium chloride,Cas#121-54-0 IP 97.0~103.0%

Benzethonium chloride,Cas#121-54-0
Product: Benzethonium chloride
Cas# 121-54-0
Apperance:white powder

Hexaammineruthenium Chloride Industrial Grade 99%

Hexaammineruthenium chloride includes hexaammineruthenium(III) chloride and hexaammineruthenium(II) chloride. Hexaammineruthenium(III) chloride is white powder, however hexaammineruthenium(II) chloride is yellow crystal powder.

Hexaammineruthenium Chloride

CAS No.:14282-91-8 Molecular Formula:Ru(NH3)6Cl3 Molecular Weight:309.61 Ru Content:≥32.0%
CAS No.:15305-72-3 Molecular Formula:Ru(NH3)6Cl2 Molecular Weight:274.16 Ru Content:≥36.0%


Spherical Aluminum Nitride Industrial Grade 99.9%

Spherical aluminum nitride powder is a kind of filler for heat, which is beige powder. Its purity is high and particle size distribution is average. Its surface is clean and the degree of sphericity is high. The flow ability of spherical aluminum nitride is good.

Spherical Aluminum Nitride Powder



Melting Point:1680℃

Boiling Point:2249℃

Terbium Chloride Hexahydrate Industrial Grade 99%

Terbium chloride hexahydrate is colorless columnar crystal, which is a kind of rare earth chloride salts. It is stable under room temperature and room pressure.  It is extremely easy to dissolve in water. When heating to 180~200℃ in HCl, TbCl3.6H2O lose a molecule of H2O.

Terbium Chloride Hexahydrate

CAS No.: 13798-24-8 EINECS No.: 233-132-4 Molecular Formula:TbCl3.6H2O Molecular Weight: 373.38
Melting Point: 180℃      


Terbium(III) chloride hexahydrate is reagent for spectral analysis.

ammonium fluoride lab grade 99.99% LAB GRADE 99.999%

Ammonium fluoride is colorless needle-like or lobate crystal, which is ionic compounds. It tend to deliquesce in air. When heating, it breaks up to ammonia and hydrogen fluroide. NH4F  dissolve in water and alcohol, but not in acetone and liquid ammonia.  It corrode glass. Hydrofluoric acid anhydrous and liquid ammonia are the raw material.

Ammonium Fluoride:

CAS No.: 12125-01-8EINECS No.: 235-185-9Molecular Formula: NH4FMolecular Weight:37.04Density: 1.05UN 2505 6.1/PG 3Melting Point:98? 


NH4F solution can be as detergent and corrosive, which can confect with hydrofluoric acid to get buffer solution. Its MOS grades are mainly for integrated circuit of  medium, large scale. The BVIII grades are mainly for IC production.  It play a role in producing beryllium metal from beryllium oxide.

Its uses include extraction of rare elements, etching agent of ground glass, chemical polish of metal surface treatment, sanitizer and aseptic of making wine and mordant of fiber.

Ammonium fluoride get uses in ceramic and magnesium alloy. It can etch titanium wafer and silicon wafer.  It is a kind of analytical reagent and covering agent too.

ammonium metavanadate technical 99.5% Purified 99.5%

Ammonium Metavanadate


Ammonium metavanadate is a kind of inorganic chemical that is white crystalline powder. Its main applications cover chemical reagent, catalyst, drier and pigment.  It dissolves in hot water and dilute ammonia water.

Ammonium Metavanadate

It tend to absorb moisture in air. When heating,  ammonia and water would lose. Ammonium metavanadate dissolves in hot water and dilute ammonia water and faintly dissolve in cold water, however not in ethyl alcohol. It has some other product names like ammonium vanadate and  ammonium vanadium oxide, which refer to same chemical.

Molecular Formula:H4NO3V Molecular Weight: 116.98 CAS No.:7803-55-6 EINECS No.:232-261-3
Density:2.32g/cm3 Melting Point:210℃ UN Code: UN2859 6.1/PG 2  


Ammonium metavanadate is a kind of minor metal salts. it serve the purpose of chemical reagents, catalyzer, dryer and mordant usually, further which is also widely used as glaze in ceramics. It is is raw material in producing vanadium pentoxide. Their property is very close. In instrumental analysis, it acts as reagent to analyze phenols by thin layer chromatography and penicillin and thiodiphenylamine by spectrophotometry method.


Tris(triphenylphosphine)rhodium(I) carbonyl hydride Technical 98

Chemical Name:Tris(triphenylphosphine)rhodium(I) carbonyl hydride

Carbonyltris(triphenylphosphine)rhodium(I) hydride, Hydridocarbonyl-tris(triphenylphosphine)-rhodium(I), RhH(CO)(PPh3)3, Rhodium monocarbonyl hydrogen tris(triphenylphosphine), Rhodium(I) tris(triphenylphosphine) carbonyl hydride, Tris(triphenylphosphine)carbonylrhodium hydride, trans-Carbonyl(hydrido)tris(triphenylphosphine)rhodium

CAS Number:17185-29-4
Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:918.78
EC Number:241-230-3
MDL Number:MFCD00151644

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