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Arkofix KVS.IN liq

Arkofix KVS.IN liq is a novel cross-linking agent for shock-cure process.

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Arkofix NDF.IN liq c

Arkofix NDF.IN liq c is a new crosslinking agent for cellulosic fibers and their blends, with very low free formaldehyde on finished fabrics.

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Arkofix NDL.IN liq

Arkofix NDL.IN liq is a new cross linking agent for cellulosic fibers and their blends, with zero % chlorine retention on finished fabrics.

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Arkofix UFA liq

Arkofix UFA liq is a unique non-formaldehyde based product for the finishing of cellulosic and polyester/cellulosic blended fabrics.

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Ceranin HCSI c fla

Ceranin HCSI c fla is a concentrated cationic finishing agent.

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Cold Water Soluble Cationic Softener Flakes Technical <90%

Advantages:      GOTS, OEKOTEX, REACH compliant

Premium Softness & Smoothness

Easily Soluble in Cold Water

Very Low Yellowing 


DEFOAMER-NSD is a non-siiicone based defoamer suitable for textile processing steps like dyeing, printing and finishing.

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Finolube PE ECO

Finolube PE ECO is a polyethylene wax emulsion softener with lubricant property and soft waxy finish which also helps to minimize tear-strength loss during resin finishing.

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Finox PU

Finox PU is a polyurethane finishing agent. It is a nonionic softener which provides excellent bouncing and surface softness, specially for suitings.

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Finox WPA

Finox WPA is a paraffin wax emulsion softener, to impart lubricancy & shine to cotton fabric.

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