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Finozyme NEU Conc

Finozyme NEU Conc is a concentrated, cellulose based enzymatic finishing agent to impart superior surface smoothness to cellulosic fabrics as well to denim garments in neutral medium.

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Finozyme PML Conc

Finozyme PML Conc is a specially designed enzyme for application in biofinishing and denim washing of all cellulosic fabrics, both woven and knits in acid medium.

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GLX-100 is a special softener and sizing agent in the paste form. It is based on premium quality polyacrylate polymers and hence it gives excellent softness surface sizing and bulky finish to the all types of fabrics. The advantages are it imparts pleasant, non greasy and silky feel to full body without stiffening effect, it imparts fuller and permanent finish on fabrics, it provides partial replacement of silicon emulsion & sizing agent and further it is a polymer based product used in finishing and getting heavy finish.

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HEBATEX is a acrylic Co-polymer finishing auxilliary for soft handle and drape on synthetic suitings and shirtings.

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HS-ULTRAPHIL is an easy to use micro emulsion of modified Reactive Amino functional Polysiloxane. It is used to impart superior supple softness 100% Cotton, Hosiery while retaining the hydophilicity especially effective for Terry Towels, etc. The special features are it has permanent supple soft handle, it has silky smoothness, it leaves no residue or smell on the fabrics, it improves fabric physical properties, it retains hydrophillic nature and further has low yellowing.

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LUSHFEEL is a polymeric quat softener used as finishing agent. It gives surface smoothness and fullness with lubricity. It improves bulkiness, colour brilliancy and strength of finished cotton or acrylic yarn. It is suitable for finishing 100% cotton, PC and PV fabrics.

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MIRASOFT–HCS is a cationic, non yellowing, substantive softener for cellulosic fibres and their blends. It is suitable for all kinds of fibres, it can be applied in both exhaust and padding processes, it has pleasant, soft and voluminous handle, especially on cellulosic fibres, it improves sewing properties of knitted goods and further has low tendency to yellowing.

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MIRASOFT–N confers softness and body to cellulosic fibres and their blends with synthetic fibres. It is most suitable for white goods. It produces a soft and supple handle, it imparts full soft handle without yellowing, therefore suitable for finishing of white goods, it can be applied by padding as well as exhaust method, it has no effect on the shade or light fastness of dyeing, it can be used in conjunction with all thermosetting resins.

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Multi Purpose Neutral Enzyme HPS <90%

Description:       Multi Purpose Neutral Enzyme

Advantages:       High De pilling & Excellent Bio-polishing

                               Very Low Back Staining 

                               Applicable in wide PH & Temperature Range 

                               Can be diluted further


Application:       Knit Fabrics, Denim Garments, Woven Garments & Fabrics, Terry Towel

Parameters:       Dosage : 0.1 – 0.5%

                               PH          : 5-7

                              Temp.   : 35 – 55° C

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