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NATURAL GUM ST 280 Anionic etherified polysaccharides for printing disperse dyes on polyester with HT steaming. It can also be used for printing selected Acid dyes on Triacetate, Poly amid and PA-Lycra. It provides disperse direct printing, disperse discharge using Sod Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate, Alkali discharge and Burn out using NaHSO4/H2SO4. It has 8% stock concentration, medium viscosity and solubility at a broader pH range. The fabrics used are PES, Poly amid, Poly acetate, Triacetate, PES Knit, PES Blanket etc.

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NEFAB MICRO LMP is a superb finishing agent, exclusively providing surface smoothness, slickness and luster to all types of fabrics.

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NEFAB NANO LMP is a marvelous finishing agent, endowing inner softness and chubbiness to all types of fabrics.

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NEOSIL MNX belongs to a group of silicones microemulsion softeners especially designed to give a heavy, silky hand, and easily applied by exhaustion or continuous methods. It is adequate for softening all types of fibbers, it provides very full and flexible touch with the typical flexibility of a silicone surface, it has adequate for permanent finishing and it has good antistatic effect on synthetic textile and their combinations with cotton and wool.

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Neozyme 160 is liquid cellulase preparation. It is specially developed for fabric and garment finishing. It can also be used in applications processing cellulosic material derived from wood and plants. It improves the hand and appearance of fabrics and permanently reduces the tendency of pilling. It is especially suitable for the finishing process of cellulosic fabrics made of cotton, linen, viscose or lyocell. It is not compatible with strong acid, alkalis, oxidants and reducing agents.

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NESOFT CS is a 100% cationic softener in flakes having non-yellowing effect on fabrics, providing softness to the fabrics.

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NESOFT NMS is a 100% non-ionic softener in pellets form having non–yellowing effect, providing lubricancy and supple finish to the fabric.

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NESOFT ULTRA CS is a 100% cationic softener in pellets / flakes form, endowing an excellent surface smoothness, and ultimate soft feel and fluffy handle to the fabric.

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Permafin AO

Permafin AO is cationic siloxane based amide. Suitable for all types of fabric substrates. It imparts a very soft, greasy-soapy handle with antistatic properties and lubricity. Permafin AO also applicable by pad as well as exhaust.

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Powder Neutral Cellulase Enzyme USP <90%

Product:               PNB 199

Description:       Powder Neutral Cellulase Enzyme

Advantages:       Low Back Staining

                                Uniform Abrasion

                                High Contrast

                                GOTS, OEKOTEX, REACH compliant


Application:       Denim & Non Denim Woven Garments


Parameters:       Dosage :  0.5 – 2%

                                PH          :  6-7

                                Temp.   :  40 – 50° C


MOQ:                    5 tons

Packaging:          25/50 kg Bags or 35 kg HMHDPE Drum

Price (FOB):        US $1.99/kg (Bag)

Payment term:    40% advance,  60% sight L/C


Sample:               On request

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