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ZYTERGE BASE T is a high molecular weight retentive and water-soluble polyester resin used in finishing. The PEG backbone of it allows to maintain the surface of synthetic fabric in a hydrated form at nano level. This allows improved wicking properties and release of static charge. The hydrophobic PET backbone gives it an excellent retentivity on the synthetic surface allowing it to work as more retentive soil release agent.

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Arkofix UFA liq

Arkofix UFA liq is a unique non-formaldehyde based product for the finishing of cellulosic and polyester/cellulosic blended fabrics.

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Finolube PE ECO

Finolube PE ECO is a polyethylene wax emulsion softener with lubricant property and soft waxy finish which also helps to minimize tear-strength loss during resin finishing.

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NEFAB MICRO LMP is a superb finishing agent, exclusively providing surface smoothness, slickness and luster to all types of fabrics.

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NESOFT ULTRA CS is a 100% cationic softener in pellets / flakes form, endowing an excellent surface smoothness, and ultimate soft feel and fluffy handle to the fabric.

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Profiniish PNLI

Profiniish PNLI is cationic speciality softener for very soft elastomeric feel. Profiniish PNLI treated fabrics exhibits soft, waxy handle. It is suitable for all types of fabric substrates especially for cotton woven, knits and their blends.

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Ricinoleic Acid

Ricinoleic Acid also called as castor oil acid, belongs to a family of the unsaturated fatty acid. It is used in textile finishing, coating, inks and in making soaps.

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Finozyme NEU Conc

Finozyme NEU Conc is a concentrated, cellulose based enzymatic finishing agent to impart superior surface smoothness to cellulosic fabrics as well to denim garments in neutral medium.

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Finozyme PML Conc

Finozyme PML Conc is a specially designed enzyme for application in biofinishing and denim washing of all cellulosic fabrics, both woven and knits in acid medium.

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Arkofix KVS.IN liq

Arkofix KVS.IN liq is a novel cross-linking agent for shock-cure process.

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