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Syntho Nysis

Syntho Nysis is specially important during coating process where anionic chemicals are used. It is applied by pad-dry method on woven goods and by exhaust for knitted and garments.

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Syntho Silky

Syntho Silky gives durable finish to the fabrics.It is a non yellowing aminosilicone softner.It imparts a rich soft feel to the fabrics.

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Synthofix MF

Synthofix MF has wide applications in textile processing. It is used in fixation of pigment prints. It improves the fastness properties of pigment prints after curing at high temperature.It imparts crease recovery and shrinkage control on cotton and rayon.Synthofix MF gives fuller handle and stiffness together with excellent wash resistance to polyster, polyamide and acrylic fabrics and its blends.

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Synthofix UF

Synthofix UF is a high quality resin wide applications in chemical and textile industry.It imparts crease recovery and shrinkage control on cotton and rayon.

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Synthotouch is an economic aminosilicone softener.It gives long lasting finish to the fabrics.

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Textile levelling & sequestring agents

  1. Turbonol LQ - premium grade dispersing, levelling and sequestring agent. Ideal for turquoise dyeing.
  2. Turbonol LVL - levelling, dispersing and sequestring agent with good chelation of iron and calcium.
  3. Turbodye PLUS - Super levelling agent for dye bath.

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Unisoft KT

Unisoft KT is a versatile softener for all fiber.

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Unisoft NPE

Unisoft NPE is a lubricant for white yarns.

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Wetting Agent for Textile

  1. Turbowet PLF - premium low foaming nonionic wetting agent cum detergent.
  2. Turbowet ULF - low foaming nonionic wetting agent for good scouring.
  3. Turbowet PLE - low foaming nonionic wetting,scouring and solubilising agent.
  4. Turbowet 3000 - wetting agent cum detergent for jigger, winch and drum washing machines.
  5. Turbowet MR55 - non-cresylic mercerising wetting agent.

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ZYTERGE BASE T is a high molecular weight retentive and water-soluble polyester resin used in finishing. The PEG backbone of it allows to maintain the surface of synthetic fabric in a hydrated form at nano level. This allows improved wicking properties and release of static charge. The hydrophobic PET backbone gives it an excellent retentivity on the synthetic surface allowing it to work as more retentive soil release agent.

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