Textile finishing chemicals imparts special effects onto textile fabrics,shrinkage control



MIRAFIN-OC is a speciality softener and lubricant for all types of fibres/fabrics. It imparts good softness with lubricating properties, it has improved sewability so that damages will be avoided in the garment industry, it has minimal yellowing and dulling of dyeing / prints, it can be applied by padding as well as exhaust method and further it is cost effective.

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Natofin HF

Natofin HF specially designed as self finish product for finishing of cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylic and its blends. It is based on different polymers along with plastisizers, giving full body with little soft handle.

Sunsol MBX

Sunsol MBX is an improvised poly vinyl acetate emulsion for giving extra body luster & bulkiness to fabric without papery feel.

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Unisoft NW

Unisoft NW is a sanforizing & raising softener for white goods.

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Unisoft SL

Unisoft SL is a special product for raising & softening.

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VIJIBRIGHT is a fluorescent whitening agent for textile industry for natural & regenerated fibers.

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ABROSIL SEW is a highly effective non-yellowing high performance micro emulsion for permanent finish on all types of fibres.

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ACRYTEX-EMH is a polyacrylamide softner-cum-body filling agent for cellulosic fibre fabric.

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Colordeep N

Colordeep N is an color enhancer for textile or fabrics.

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RUCOFIN GES is durable, hydrophilic, jet-stable silicone softener for textiles of all fibre types, preferably for highly absorbent cellulosic or synthetic fibres. It is especially suitable for terry or knitted goods.

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