Textile finishing chemicals imparts special effects onto textile fabrics,shrinkage control



RUCOFIN GSP is hydrophilic silicone softening and smoothing agent for textiles of all fibre types. It confers voluminous handle effects, especially suitable for terry goods.

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RUCOFIN TWO Softener, especially for shortening process times in the exhaust method. It confers fastness-improving effects when dyeing cellulosic fibres, PA fibres or wool with direct or reactive dyestuffs, acid dyestuffs. RUCOFIN TWO improves wet and wash fastness properties.

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Unisoft PYS

Unisoft PYS is an antistatic,lubricant for PES.

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ABROSIL- SNP is a modified emulsion of multi-function silicon. It provides superior elastomeric, soft & smooth touch to fabric.

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ABROSIL-2091 is a non-yellowing quaternary fatty amide that is suitable for application as a hand modifier on cotton fabrics and yarns.

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ABROSIL-4777 is a silicone softener composed of amino modified polysiloxane which imparts excellent lubrication and smoothness. It increases tensile resilience, gives springly elastic handle and a unique softness on various fabrics.

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ESTOSIL 6585 is a reactive micro-amino silicone softener with elastomeric properties recommended for stretch recovery of knit goods. It improves crease resistance, improves sew-ability of the fabric.

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HEMAVYL- WDX is a polyvinyl acetate dispersion used in imparting durables finishes with a firm handle on textile of all kinds. There is no loss of light fastness or yellowing of the finished fabrics.

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Polybest PBX

Polybest PBX is a milky white liquid used to provide luster and body effect finish.

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RUCO-BAC AGL is durable fresh finish for all fibre types except for wool. It is especially suitable for textiles worn next to the skin. It has bactericidal and slightly fungicidal properties.

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