Textile finishing chemicals imparts special effects onto textile fabrics,shrinkage control



RUCO-LUB KKS sewability-improving agent and additive for resin finishing with N-methylol compounds to reduce loss of tensile strength and abrasion resistance as well as to improve the crease recovery.

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RUCO-LUB KPM is sewability-improving agent for woven and knitted fabrics of all fibre types. It is suitable for colored or white goods.

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VIJIRSOFT RS is formulated softening agent that gives soft and smooth handle to finished goods. The special properties are it improves the crease recovery and abrasion resistance properties of the fabric, it is non-yellowing in character and can be applied in conjunction with optical whitener, it can be applied on natural and synthetic fibers by exhaust or padding process and further it has no adverse effect on shade of dye.

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VISP Polysol

VISP Polysol is a vinyl acetate homopolymer, specially designed for finishing of textile fabrics. The important properties are It has good compatibility with other finishing agents, it has low migration & good ratability, it has low volatility and further it can be diluted with water in the ratio of one to eight to ten times to get suitable.

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IDTEX POLY 45 is used for textile finishing, imparts body and stiffness to fabric.

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Perrustol AST is a Quaternary ammonium compound based softening agent.soft handle finishing with antistatic effect for synthetic fibre material.It is a used as raising lubricant for PES,spinning lubricant for WO.It is having soft handle finishing with antistatic effect for synthetic fibre material.

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RUCO-FIL SDF6 is a sewing thread lubricant and water repellent finish for sewing threads and embroidery yarns by continuous application through a galette, lick roll or metering pump. It has lower friction values than conventional fluorocarbon resin finishes.

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ABROSIL-EM4082 is a emulsion of multi-functional elastomeric silicone, provides superior elastomeric. It provides very soft and smooth touch to fabrics.

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MICROSOFT-4000 widely used in imparting excellent smooth feel & durable soft handle, enhancing crease recovery and shade depth & brilliancy when applied on dyed fabrics. MICROSOFT-4000 will increase distinguished shine on fabric,imparts excellent shine and inner softness on silk fabric,durable soft handle to cotton and its blends and also imparts advanced smooth feel.

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Polybest BK 70

Polybest BK 70 is a milky white liquid which provides specialty stiff finish for voiles, dhoties mulls, poplins, satins, suitings. It has special stiff buckram finish.

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