Textile finishing chemicals imparts special effects onto textile fabrics,shrinkage control



SYNKROFIX - CONC is a concentrated Polymer based Non formaldehyde Fixing agent for Cotton.

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Soft Finish RR

Soft Finish RR is specially prepared for textile finishing. This textile chemical provides soft and lustrous finish to the textile. This chemical is suitable for cotton fabrics & other fabrics. Its dosage is 2 to 2.50 % on starch for cotton fabrics & other fabrics in finish size mix.

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Softy-finish PE

Softy-finish PE is a polyethylene emulsion for application in resin-finishing formulas.

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Sunsol EM

Sunsol EM is a polymeric vinyl acetate based product for giving body & stiffness to all types of fabrics.

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Sunsol MBX

Sunsol MBX is an improvised poly vinyl acetate emulsion for giving extra body luster & bulkiness to fabric without papery feel.

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TAKASOL is Nonionic textile finishing agent. TAKASOL gives excellent body, shine-smoothness & silky feel without undesirable stiffness.

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Textile levelling & sequestring agents

  1. Turbonol LQ - premium grade dispersing, levelling and sequestring agent. Ideal for turquoise dyeing.
  2. Turbonol LVL - levelling, dispersing and sequestring agent with good chelation of iron and calcium.
  3. Turbodye PLUS - Super levelling agent for dye bath.

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Unisoft NW

Unisoft NW is a sanforizing & raising softener for white goods.

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Unisoft PYS

Unisoft PYS is an antistatic,lubricant for PES.

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Unisoft SL

Unisoft SL is a special product for raising & softening.

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