Textile finishing chemicals imparts special effects onto textile fabrics,shrinkage control


Bluecoat-1809 MB

Bluecoat-1809 MB imparts a durable, soft fuller finish to synthetic textile fabrics. Finish with Bluecoat 1809 is usually carried out on padding mangle. The temperature of the padding liquor varies between 20-70 °C depending upon the wetting property of the material. In case the padding liquor has been stored for a longer time, it is advisable to stir it before use. The drying temperature should not be below 80 °C. When working on drying cylinders, care has to be taken that the material is well squeezed out before it is dried.

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Bluecoat-9009 EM

Bluecoat-9009 EM is recommended for durable finish with a stiff handle on textiles of all kinds. There is no loss of fight fastness or yellowing of the finished fabric. Finish produced, incorporating Bluecoat 9009 is not affected by change in weather conditions. Bluecoat 9009 is generally applied by padding.The temperature of the liquor should be between 20-70 °C depending on the wetting capacity of the goods. The drying temperature should not be below 80° C. The stiffness of the finished goods and their fastness to washing improve as the drying temperature increases.

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HEMAVYL - HB - X is an aqueous dispersion based on vinyl-copolymer emulsion & can be used for producing finishes with high fastness to washing on practically any kind of textile fabrics. It imparts full body with a soft handle on textile fabrics. It neither causes any dulling of the dyeing nor any reduction of the fastness to light. A subsequent yellowing of purely white fabrics need not be feared.

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HEMAVYL - S - 15

HEMAVYL - S - 15 is an aqueous dispersion based on polyvinyl acetate containing plasticizer. It is recommended for durable finishes on textile of all kinds. It contains softening agent and produces a full elastic handle.

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RUCO-LUB KPM 400 is a additive for improving the sewability of wovens and knitgoods of all fibre types, softener for conferring smoothness. It is suitable for dyed or white goods.

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SYNKROFIX - CONC is a concentrated Polymer based Non formaldehyde Fixing agent for Cotton.

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Unisoft WET CONZ

Unisoft WET CONZ is a Hydrofillic softener.

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DIKOMINE-VC-30(R) are finishing softeners for polyester and its blended fibre, yarn and fabric.

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SIVISOFT K, LIQ 20 is a cationic wash fast softener for synthetic fibre with high surface softness.

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SIVISOFT K, MAX PU is an excellent softener for soft, bulky and bouncy feels on all fibres.

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