Textile finishing chemicals imparts special effects onto textile fabrics,shrinkage control


Unisoft WET CONZ

Unisoft WET CONZ is a Hydrofillic softener.

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VIJIBRIGHT is a fluorescent whitening agent for textile industry for natural & regenerated fibers.

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VIJIRSOFT RS is formulated softening agent that gives soft and smooth handle to finished goods. The special properties are it improves the crease recovery and abrasion resistance properties of the fabric, it is non-yellowing in character and can be applied in conjunction with optical whitener, it can be applied on natural and synthetic fibers by exhaust or padding process and further it has no adverse effect on shade of dye.

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VISCOLAM PS 202 is a polytether polyurethane thickener. It is a newtonian rheology modifier with excellent flow and leveling, gloss development. VISCOLAM PS 202 is stable over a wide range of pH.

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VISP MBX is a polyvinyl acetate copolymer for durable textile finishing to impart body & soft handle with good luster.

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VISP Polysol

VISP Polysol is a vinyl acetate homopolymer, specially designed for finishing of textile fabrics. The important properties are It has good compatibility with other finishing agents, it has low migration & good ratability, it has low volatility and further it can be diluted with water in the ratio of one to eight to ten times to get suitable.

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VPS is a stiffening and body filling agent. This is excellent auxiliary for avoiding dusting of starch and blueing agent which is used in Chaddars. This helps to binding of starch with yarn during weaving. It has good weavability with no end brakeage and is effective and successful for bottom beam of terry towels.

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Wetting Agent for Textile

  1. Turbowet PLF - premium low foaming nonionic wetting agent cum detergent.
  2. Turbowet ULF - low foaming nonionic wetting agent for good scouring.
  3. Turbowet PLE - low foaming nonionic wetting,scouring and solubilising agent.
  4. Turbowet 3000 - wetting agent cum detergent for jigger, winch and drum washing machines.
  5. Turbowet MR55 - non-cresylic mercerising wetting agent.

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