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isoamyl acetate FOOD GRADE 99%

(1)  Isoamyl acetate

Zhengzhou Yibang Industry Co., Ltd can supply good quality Isoamyl Acetate.

Properties: Colorless clear liquid with banana like smell. So it is also called BANANA OIL. Soluble with ethanol, amyl alcohol, diethyl ether and ethyl acetate.

Physical parameters:

Molecular formula: C7H14O2

Density: 0.876

Molecular weight: 130.19

Boiling point: 142℃

Melting point: -78℃

Refractive Index:1.400

Flashing point: 33℃

CAS No.: 123-92-2



Appearance: Colorless clear liquid

Assay: 99% min

Relative density(25/25℃):0.868-0.878

Refractive index(20℃): 1.4000-1.4040

Acid value: 1.0mg KOH/g max

Heavy metal(Pb): 10mg/KG max

Solubility(25℃): 1ml sample clearly soluble in 3ml ethanol of 60%(v/v)

Packing: HDPE 25L/200L drum; 1000L IBC

Application: Isoamyl acetate is used as component of perfumes and flavorings, also used as chemical intermediate to manufacture pharmaceuticals, synthetic flavorings, cleaners, and other organic compounds. sales3@yibangchem.com


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l-alanine FOOD GRADE 99%


CAS No.: 56-41-7


L-Alanine is the main raw material of composing the medicine such as amino acid injection fluid and orally-taken fluid in medicine industry. And it is main raw material of drinks, food, vintaging, seasoning, oil, salted and dried food, pickles additive in food industry, having the effect of antisepsis and keeping fresh

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l-alanine FOOD GRADE >99.0%






White crystal or crystalline powder with special taste?Sweetness is about 70% of sucrose. It begins to sublimwe above 200?, the melting point is 297? (decomposition). Stable chemical properties, soluble in water (25?, 17%), slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether.


1, It can improve the nutritional value of food, in all kinds of food and beverages, such as bread, ice cream, tea, milk, carbonated soft drinks, ice cream and others.

Adding 0.1%~1% L-Alanine,the utilization rate of protein in food and beverage could be significantly improved.

As characteristic,L-Alanine could be directly absorbed by cells,therefore,after drinking,the people could quickly restore fatigue and hearten spirit.

2, L- alanine can improve artificial sweeteners taste, increase sweetnessand reduce the use amount.

Adding 1%~10% L-Alanine to compound sweet taste agen,it could enhance the sweetness,make the sweet soft as a natural sweetener and improve the taste.

3, L-Alanine is one of raw material to synthesize high sweetness-Alitame(600times sweeter than sucrose).

4, L-Alanine is used as a flavor enhancer,could increase the seasoning effect of seasoning.It is also used as a sour agent to improve the acidity of organic acids.

5, L-Alanine is main component of a variety of medical amino acid preparation and raw material for the phamaceutical grade l-alanine.

Package: 25kg/bag,25kg/drum,or according to the customer`s demand.Storage in a cool,dry place.



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l-cysteine FOOD GRADE 99%


CAS No.: 52-90-4



EINECS No.: 200-158-2



Grade Standard: Food Grade, Medicine Grade

Appearance: white or white crystalline powder



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l-lysine hydrochloride FOOD GRADE 99%

L-Lysine mono HCL

L-Lysine monohydrochloride

CAS No.: 657-27-2 MF:C6H14N2O2HCl  EINECS:211-518-3


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l-lysine hydrochloride USP 99.0%

L-Lysine hydrochloride
CAS NO.: 657-27-2

 molecular formula?C6H14N2O2•HCL

  L -lysine hydrochloride for white crystalls or crystal powder. Almost odourless. Bitter sweet.263 ~ 264 ° C for melting and decomposition. Formic acid, soluble in water and soluble inethanol. Caking under high  humidity.


    L - lysine hydrochloride can is a nutritional supplement, lysine in fortified foods. Rye,
    rice,corn, peanut powder contains lysine to restrict such as amino acid, wheat, sesame, oats
    contain lysine is the first limiting amino acid. Can be used in mayonnaise, milk, instant
    noodles, food,etc. Can also be used as a seasoning, in order to improve the flavor. 


    Food grade:25kg/ paper bag
    Pharmaceutical grade: 25kg/ kraft drum 
    Industry grade?25kg/bag


  Handle with care in order to avoid damaging the package; Do not transport them      together      with poisonous or harmful goods


  Two years                                                                  

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l-methionine FOOD GRADE 99


English name:L-Methionine

Formula? C5H11NO2S

Molecular Weight? 149.21

CAS No.? 63-68-3

EINECS No: 200-562-9         

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monosodium glutamate FOOD GRADE

MSG is a kind of seasoning, the main ingredient is Glutamate. People use MSG to enhance the flavour of your food, especially frequentlly available in Asian country.And also MSG is a material when processing other compound seasoning such as Stock cube, sauce, vinegar and other much more seasoning.So it has a big amount demand all over the world. 
MSG is used to intensify flavors of foods. It is produced by a bacterial ferment-ation process with starch or molasses. MSG is not a direct taste enhancer but acomplex flavor enhancer for gravies, meats, poultry, sauces, and in other combinations. It is also used to enhance thetaste of tobacco. MSG is also used as an organic intermediate. 

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