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Tacelene Chem 4326

Tacelene chem 4326, is a solid grade anionic high molecular weight flocculant based on the poly acrylamide used in all ranges of water problems like raw water, process water and effluent treatment plant water.

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Tacelene Chem 4435

Tacelene Chem 4435, is a solid grade cationic high molecular weight flocculant based on the poly acrylamide co-polymer used in all ranges of water problems like raw water, process water and Effluent treatment plant water.Tacelene Chem 4435 is a high molecular weight cationic flocculants completely soluble in water.

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Poly Aluminium Chloride

Our prominent product Poly Aluminium Chloride is formulated by using high quality machinery. This chemical is widely used in the effluent treatment plants and paper making processes. They are specifically used as drainage and retention aid. This product is available at affordable rates and are hence within the reach of common customer.Polyaluminium Chloride(PAC) is widely as water-treatment Industry, Polyaluminium Chloride(PAC) is widely as Tap water, Industrial Process Water, Daily sewage, etc.Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC) Polyaluminium Chloride Pac Pac Supplier Polyaluminium Chloride Spray Dried Polyaluminium Chloride Roller Deied Buy Pac.

Magnafloc LT25

Magnafloc LT25 is a potable water grade anionic polyelectrolyte. It is used as refinery flotation flocculant.Magnafloc LT25 can be used for a wide range of solid/liquid separation situations. Magnafloc LT25 flocculant enable highly efficient and cost-effective treatment. Magnafloc LT25 can used in drinking water treatments

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Zetag 8165

Zetag 8165 is copolymer of acrylamide and quaternized cationic monomer. Zetag 8165 used for the conditioning of a variety of municipal and industrial substrates prior to mechanical or static solid/ liquid separation.This product is not compliant for use in potable water applications.

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Aquapure Fw

Aquapure Fw is a liquid, anionic polymer concentrate.Wide application for rapid settling.

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Hydrex 3120

Hydrex 3120 is a liquid product based on a blend of inorganic non-toxic corrosion inhibitor.It is designed for application to domestic hot and cold water systems to protect them from scale deposition and corrosion.

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Hydrex 3250

Hydrex 3250 is a ferric chloride solution.It is an acidic product and is not as affected by pH change as Poly Aluminium Chloride.

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Metflok CPF

Metflok CPF is a poly condensation product used as flocculent cum coagulant in drinking water purification, municipal seawage treatment and other effulient treatments of sugar, paper, dyeing industries etc.

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UltraFloc C

UltraFloc C is used for flocculation, Sludge dewatering / thickening, floatation, clarification and decantation.

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