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Ferrous Chloride

Ferrous chloride has a high melting point, paramagnetic solid, usually obtained as an off-white solid. It crystallizes from water as the greenish tetrahydrate, which is the form that is most commonly encountered in commerce and the laboratory. Ferrous chloride has a variety of niche applications, but the related compounds ferrous sulfate and ferric chloride enjoy more applications. Aside from use in the laboratory synthesis of iron complexes, ferrous chloride serves as a reducing flocculating agent in wastewater treatment, especially for wastes containing chromate. It is the precursor to hydrated iron(III) oxides that are magnetic pigments. Ferrous chloride is employed as a reducing agent in many organic synthesis reactions.

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Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate powder for water treatment Technical 19.7%

Product Name: Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate
Formula:      FeSO4.7H2O 
HS Code:     28332910
CAS No.:     7782-63-0
Grade: industry grade/fertilizer grade/feed grade
Item Stardard
FeSO4.7H2O 98% Min
Fe 19.7%Min
Pb 20ppm max
Cd 5ppm max
As 2ppm max
Packing: 25kg/woven bag with an inner plastic bag, or according to your special needs.
Manuafacturer: Rech Chemical Co. Ltd  
Website: www.rqsulfates.com     
Email: info(at)rqsulfates(dot)com/business(at)rqsulfates(dot)com
Rech Chemical Co. Ltd is manufacturer of ferrous sulfate in China, we are authorized by ISO9001:2008 and FAMI-QS.What's more, we have finished EU REACH registration.
Water Treatment: Ferrous sulphate has been applied for the purification of water by flocculation and for phosphate removal in municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants to prevent eutrophication of surface water bodies.
We offer clients value-added services to ensure the maximization of benefits, including the following aspects :

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Flocculants, or flocculating agents (also known as flocking agents), are chemicals that promote flocculation by causing colloids and other suspended particles in liquids to aggregate, forming a floc. Flocculants are used in water treatment processes to improve the sedimentation or filterability of small particles.Many flocculants are multivalent cations such as aluminium, iron, calcium or magnesium.These positively charged molecules interact with negatively charged particles and molecules to reduce the barriers to aggregation.

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Flocsure-1164 is a high molecular weight anionic polyelectrolyte coagulant cum flocculant which works effectively as a flocculation aid or sludge conditioning agent in numerous solid-liquid separation processes.

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Flocsure-PC-4964 polyelectrolyte is a high active, high molecular weight cationic flocculant which works effectively as a coagulant aid or sludge dewatering agent in liquid-solid separation processes.

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Flocsure-PC-4973 polyelectrolyte is a high active, high molecular weight cationic flocculant which works effectively as a coagulant aid or sludge dewatering agent in liquid-solid separation processes.

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Hydrex 3120

Hydrex 3120 is a liquid product based on a blend of inorganic non-toxic corrosion inhibitor.It is designed for application to domestic hot and cold water systems to protect them from scale deposition and corrosion.

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Hydrex 3250

Hydrex 3250 is a ferric chloride solution.It is an acidic product and is not as affected by pH change as Poly Aluminium Chloride.

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Hyflo Supercell ( Radiolite R500 / Dicalite Speedplus)

Radiolite R 500 is used as a filtration agent forclarifying liquids and oils, a functional filler in paints, plastics, paper, rubber, adhesives, catalysts, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals, and a mild abrasive in polishes and cleaners.

> Breweries
> Soft drink and juice filtration
> Oil Refinery
> Enzyme and yeast manufacturing
> Pharmaceutical and bulk drugs

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Iron (III) Chloride, Iron tri Chloride-HPA 40

Iron (III) Chloride, Iron tri Chloride-HPA 40 is used as catalyst.

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