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Accofloc C 50

Accofloc C 50 is an Flocculants & Coagulants used in Effluents treatment.

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Accofloc G 04

Accofloc G 04 is Flocculants&Coagulants used in effluent treatment.

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Accofloc n100

Accofloc n100 is a Flocculants & Coagulants used in paper & pulp waste water, iron & steel works waste water.

Calcium Oxide

Calcium oxide is also called as quicklime or burnt lime. It is a widely used chemical compound. Calcium oxide is a white, caustic, alkaline, crystalline solid at room temperature. Calcium oxide is usually made by the thermal decomposition of materials such as limestone, or seashells, that contain calcium carbonate in a lime kiln.It is prepared by heating calcium carbonate in a special lime kiln to about 500°C to 600°C, decomposing it into the oxide and carbon dioxide. Calcium oxide is widely used in industry.Calcium oxide is a basic anhydride, reacting with water to form calcium hydroxide.

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MACFLOC–999 is very high molecular weight non-toxic anionic polyacrylamide flocculant supplied as a free flowing granular powder. It is used in clarification of raw cane and beet sugar in both sedimentation and flotation clarification, filtration of mud from subsider to recover entrained sugar juice, waterworks sludge dewatering, reduction of alum dosage in precipitation of colored and colloidal matter.

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Accofloc A 120

Accofloc A 120 is an Flocculants & Coagulants used in Effluent treatment.

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Accofloc A110f

Accofloc A110f is used as an Flocculants & Coagulants in water clarification etc.

Accofloc N 100

Accofloc N 100 is a dry PAM non-ionic flocculant that work effectively as coagulant aids or sludge conditioning agents in solid-liquid separation processes in a wide variety of industries. is suitable for treatment of waste water in paper & pulp, mining & metal smelting, iron & steel works etc. It has been particularly very effective as lubicating agent in fabric processing. It works best in strong to medium acidic pH.

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Aronfloc C 510

Aronfloc C 510 is an flocculatns&Coagulants used in Effluents treatment.

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COBUFLOC LT 27 is a flocculant used to clear raw juice or to precipitate colloidal sediments.

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