Food Acids are different flavor tinge imparting food Additives


phosphoric acid FOOD GRADE 75-85%

Phosphoric acid food grade


Assay (H3PO4): 75%- 85% min.

Arsenic: 0.00005% max

Heavy Metal (As Pb): 0.0005%max

Fluoride (As F): 0.001%max

Easily Oxidate Substance (As H3PO3): 0.012% max.

potassium chloride FOOD GRADE 99%

potassium chloride

food additive

purity 99% min


annual production 10000mt

phosphoric acid FOOD GRADE 75%-86%




75% --86.0%


0.00005% Max.


0.001% Max.

Heavy metal(Pb)

0.0005% Max.

easily oxidated matter(h3po3)

0.012% Max

GB 1886.15-2015

1> Phosphoric acid description:

Phosphoric acid (also known as orthophosphoric acid or phosphoric(V) acid) is a mineral (inorganic) acid having the chemical formula H3PO4. Orthophosphoric acid refers to phosphoric acid, which is the IUPAC name for this compound. The prefix ortho is used to distinguish the acid from related phosphoric acids, called polyphosphoric acids. Orthophosphoric acid is a non-toxic acid, which, when pure, is a solid at room temperature and pressure. The conjugate base of phosphoric acid is the dihydrogen phosphate ion, H
4, which in turn has a conjugate base of hydrogen phosphate, HPO2−
4, which has a conjugate base of phosphate, PO3−
4. Phosphates are nutritious for all forms of life.

In addition to being a chemical reagent, phosphoric acid has a wide variety of uses, including as a rust inhibitor, food additive, dental and orthop(a)edic etchant, electrolyte, flux, dispersing agent, industrial etchant, fertilizer feedstock, and component of home cleaning products. Phosphoric acids and phosphates are also important in biology.

The most common source of phosphoric acid is an 85% aqueous solution; such solutions are colourless, odourless, and non-volatile. The 85% solution is a syrupy liquid, but still pourable. As a strong acid, it is corrosive. Because of the high percentage of phosphoric acid in this reagent, at least some of the orthophosphoric acid is condensed into polyphosphoric acids. For the sake of labeling and simplicity, the 85% represents H3PO4 as if it were all orthophosphoric acid. Dilute aqueous solutions of phosphoric acid exist in the ortho- form.


2> Packaging:

Packed in 35KG polycan drums, 330KG drums and IBC totes/ ISO TANK.








potassium carbonate FOOD GRADE 99%


Molecular formula :K2CO3
Molecular weight :138.20
Density :2.29
Melting point :891℃
Characteristics :white powder or granule.easily deliquesced in the air .easily soluble in water,presenting alkaline solution ,not dissolved in ethanol and ether.
CAS NO.:[584-08-7]

Analytical Standard: GB 25588-2010 .
Applications: Mainly used in food leavening agent,preservative ,dehydrating agent, ph value regulator and so on .
Packing: 25kg/50kg net per PP woven bag with inner food-grade
polyethylene film bag.
Storage: Stored in a cool ,dry,well-ventilated warehouse, notice moistureproof during transportation.

potassium bicarbonate FOOD GRADE 99%


Synonyms: Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate,Potassium Acid Carbonate
Molecular Formula: KHCO3
Molecular Weight: 100.11
Density: 2.17
Characteristics: White crystal, stable in the air, easily soluble in water,
presenting weakly alkaline solution, insoluble in ethanol.
CAS NO.:[ 298-14-6 ]

Analytical Standard: GB 25589-2010 .
Applications: Mainly used in food industry as Acidity regulator, Food
additive ,applicable to the pharmaceutical and soon.
Packing: 25kg/50kg net per PP woven bag with inner food-grade
polyethylene film bag.
Storage: Stored in a cool and dry area, keep away from rain and moisture.

Dimethyl Dicarbonate FOOD GRADE 99.8%

DMDC can permeate through the cell membrane, and block the metabolism through reacting with the enzymes of microorganism, then achieve the purpose of sterilization. Even in very low additive amount, DMDC can effectively kill typical spoilage bacteria in beverage, and not affect the taste, flavor and color of the beverage. Furthermore, it could be rapidly and completely hydrolyzed to carbon dioxide and methanol, which are the natural ingredients of juice.

citric acid anhydrous food grade FOOD GRADE 99%min


Citric acid monohydrate: 8-40mesh/8-80mesh

Citric acid anhydrous: 8-12mesh/30-100mesh

Package: 25kg kraft bag

Loading: 25mts/20'fcl


SR. NO.        Parameters                     Unit                               Specification
01            Appearance                                                     Clear Colorless Liquid
02            Assay as NaOH                  % w/w                              48%  Min
03            Sodium Chloride (as Cl)      % w/w                           00.015 Max
04            Sulphates (as SO4)             % w/w                           00.015 Max
05            Silicates (as SiO2)               % w/w                           00.01 Max
06            Iron as Fe                              ppm                             10.00 Max
07            Sodium Carbonate               % w/w                           00.20 Max
08            Specific Gravity at 20°C                                            1.50 to 1.54
09            Sodium Hydroxide (On dry basis) % w/w                   99.50 Min


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