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What are Food Additives?

They are substances added to food to enhance their properties such as appearance, taste, etc. They are also used to preserve food, which has existed for centuries through pickling using vinegar, salting meat and using sulphur dioxide with wines. With technological advancements, more industries buy food additives as there is an increase in themanufacture of processed foods. They can also be introduced in food in the manufacturing process, either through packaging, storage or transport.


Types of Food Additives

- Acidity Regulators:Acidity regulators are added to maintain the pH of foodstuff to affect enzymes’ activity as well as for stability. They could be organic, neutralizing agents, mineral acids, basesor buffering agents.

- Anticaking Agents:These additives occur in granulated or powdered form and are used for the prevention of sticking, caking or lumps formation as well as for facilitating easier flowability, packaging, transport and consumption.

- Antifoaming and Foaming Agents:Antifoaming agents are used for the prevention or reduction of foam formation in foods. Whereas a foaming agent is a substance, which facilitates foam formation.

- Antioxidants:Antioxidants are used in foods as preservatives by stopping its degradation by oxygen. Antioxidants such as ascorbic acid(vitamin C) or thiols dismiss these degradation chain reactions.    

- Bulking Agents:Bulking agents are used in foods to increase its bulk without altering its taste. Some of the bulking agents used are starch, psyllium husk, pectin and cellulose.

- Food Colouring: Food colouring agents are added to food to compensate for colours lost during the production process or make it look more appealing. It is used in frozen products, ice creams, packet soups and canned processed foods.

- Colour retention agents:Colour retention agents not colour provide colour to foods but are also used to preserve the existing colour of a food. Few colour retention agents are magnesium hydroxideand stannous chloride.         

- Emulsifiers:Emulsifiers facilitate oils to remain with water, which is found in milk, ice creams and mayonnaise. Gelatine, gluten and glycerol are few emulsifiers used in foodstuff. 

- Flavour Enhancers:These additives enhance the existing flavours of a food. Some favour enhancers used in food are citric acid, monosodium glutamate, corn syrup, coconut oil and glutamic acid.

- Flour Treatment Agents: Flour treatment agents are additives that are added for improving baking and colour of flour. Potassium bromate and potassium iodate are used in baking flour food items.

- Glazing Agents: Glazing agents are either synthetic or natural substances, which are added to provide waxy coating that prevents water loss and insect attack. Beeswax, lanolin and stearic acid are few glazing agents.

- Humectants: Humectants are hygroscopic food additives added to prevent foods from drying out. Desiccants are the opposite of humectants. Sugar alcohols, molasses and castor oil are few examples.

- Preservatives: Preservatives are substances added to food, beverages and many other products to prevent unwanted chemical changes and microbial decomposition.

- Stabilizers:Stabilizers prevent degradation and provide a firmer texture to food products. Although, they are not real emulsifiers, they still help in the stabilization of emulsions.

- Sweeteners: Various industries buy food additives belonging to this group to add sugar taste to food and beverages such that they have lesser food energy as compared with sugar-based sweeteners. 

- Thickeners: Thickening agents areadded to food products to increase their viscosity without significantlychanging their other properties.Edible thickeners are used to thicken soups, puddings and sauces.


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