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Antioxin SB

Antioxin SB is a stabilizer specifically created by AEB for the process treatment in beer production. Antioxin SB protects beer from oxidation for prolonged periods, maintains the distinguishing original organoleptic properties and the aromatic qualities, original freshness and soft color. Antioxin SB maintains beer stability for a period four times longer than with traditional antioxidant products.

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Apricot Oil

Apricot oil is obtained from the seed kernels of Prunus armeniaca. It is used as a fragrance and flavor ingredient, Aromatherapy oils, spa's oils, as a herbal Ingredient in cosmetic and medicinal Products.

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Arabinol SB

Arabinol SB is a special gum arabic, specifically studied for the stabilizing treatment of beer. Arabinol SB highlights a constant yield in all beer types and with different production solutions.

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Baykisol 30

Baykisol 30 is a liquid clarifier containing 30% of silicon dioxide (silica) in the form of a colloidal suspension. Baykisol 30 eliminates the oxidable polyphenolic fractions, giving a higher resistance to maderization. Wines are obtained with a stable color and fresh, fruity and more harmonious. The utilization of Baykisol 30 in association with Gelsol is particularly indicated for the clarification of musts and wines and for vinegars difficult to clarify.

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Benzoic acid and its salts are used as a food preservative, represented by the E-numbers E210, E211, E212, and E213. Benzoic acid inhibits the growth of mold, yeast and some bacteria. Benzoic acid is a constituent of Whitfield's Ointment which is used for the treatment of fungal skin diseases such as tinea, ringworm, andathlete's foot. Benzoic acid is used to make a large number of chemicals. Benzoic acid is used as an dye intermediate. It is also used as an laboratory reagent.


Bioquickgel is an extremely effective and quick clarifier and represents the best choice when it is necessary to clarify very cloudy wines in a very short time, in order to prepare them to a subsequent filtration or racking. Bioquickgel is active even on young and pressed wines, increases filtration yields and gives a great brightness to the treated wines. Bioquickgel is easy to use, ideal for young and newly fermented wines, wines with lees, base sparkling wines, muted musts, strong sweet wines and vinegars.

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Butanethiol is a volatile, clear to yellowish liquid with a fetid odor and it is chemically classified among the thiols. Butanethiol is prepared by the free radical catalyzed addition of hydrogen sulfide to 1-butene. Butanethiol is a thiol of low molecular weight, and it is highly flammable. Butanethiol is used as an industrial solvent,and as an intermediate for cotton defoliants. It is sometimes placed in the "stink bombs" and "stink perfumes" for pranksters.1-Butanethiol is a flavouring agent. 1-Butanethiol is present in beef, Cheshire cheese, raw chicken and cooked potatoes 1-butanethiol belongs to the family of Alkylthiols.

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Cajeput Oil

The cajeput oil is essential oil produced from the leaves and twigs of the Cajeput tree.It is used in perfumery, fragrance, flavor and in Ayurvedic medicine.

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Capric Acid

Capric acid is a saturated fatty acid. The term capric acid arises from the Latin "capric" which pertains to goats due to their olfactory similarities. Capric acid occurs naturally in coconut oil and palm kernel oil, as well as in the milk of various mammals and to a lesser extent in other animal fats. It is used in organic synthesis and industrially in the manufacture of perfumes, lubricants, greases, rubber, dyes, plastics, food additives and pharmaceuticals.

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Caraway Oil

Caraway Oil is used in manufacturing liqueurs and perfuming soaps; flavor for cookies, candies. Pharmaceutic aid.

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