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Cypress Oil

Cypress oil is obtained from Cupressus sempervirens.It is beneficial in conditions of excess fluid, such as bleeding, nosebleeds, heavy menstruation, heavy perspiration, cough and bronchitis, hemorrhages and fluid retention. The antispasmodic action is very useful for asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis, emphysema and influenza.It is used in perfumery, flavor raw materials, health tonics, ayurvedic preparations, herbal cosmetics and aromatherapy oils.

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Dulcaden MS

Dulcaden MS is a sweetener derived from corn.It is used in frozen desserts,confectionery, dairy, bakery.

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Erythrosine, also known as Red No. 3, is an organoiodine compound, specifically a derivative of fluorone. It is cherry-pink synthetic, primarily used for food coloring. Erythrosine is the disodium salt of 2,4,5,7-tetraiodofluorescein. Its maximum absorbance is at 530 nm in an aqueous solution, and it is subject to photodegradation.Erythrosine used as a printing inks, biological stain,dental plaque disclosing agent,sensitizer for orthochromatic photographic films.Erythrosine is commonly used in sweets such as some candies and popsicles, and even more widely used in cake-decorating gels. It is also used to color pistachio shells.

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FINNFIX BDA is a low viscous Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose. It is a water-soluble polymer, dissolving in cold as well as in warm water.

GENU Pectin

GENU Pectin is polysaccharide derived from naturally occurring structural components in fruits and vegetables. GENU Pectin is first and foremost a gelling agent and is used to impart a gelled texture to products, mainly fruit-based foods. GENU pectins are finding increasing use, particularly as gelling agents, but also as viscosity builders, protective colloids and stabilizers in a variety of food and beverage products.

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Grindox 113

Grindox 113 is a highly efficient, pre-dispersed, antioxidant blend. This product delays the onset of rancidity, and minimizes taste and color deterioration. Grindox 113 is most commonly used in cereal applications,packaging materials.

Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil is obtained from Jasminum grandiflorum.It is used as a fragrance and flavor ingredient, Aromatherapy oils, spa's oils, as an herbal ingredient in cosmetic and medicinal products.

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L-Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids encoded by the standard genetic code. It is not an essential amino acid. Its side-chain is an amide formed by replacing the side-chain hydroxyl of glutamic acid with an amine functional group. Therefore, it can be considered the amide of glutamic acid.

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Lactic Acid

We are supplying lactic acid with the formula C    3 H 6 O 3  found in meats, baking materials, beverages, dairy, and as an ingredient for various types of food additives. The lactic acid offered by 
Chivine Resources, Inc is a white water-soluble solid, that dissolves into a clear liquid. Animal feed, food, personal care, pharmaceutical, and plastics are major industries that have been extensively using our product. Buy Lactic Acid from us, we offer these products under the sustenance of a highly skilled staff of professionals who ensure stringent tests over the quality of these products.

Litesse Two

Litesse Two is used in food applications, particularly baked goods, beverages, chocolate, confectionery, cereal products, dairy products and nutrition bars.

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