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DL-Malic acid

DL-Malic Acid can be used as an acidulant in cool drinks, frozen foods, processed foods. It is used as color-keeper and antiseptic of juice. It also can be used as pharmaceutical intermediate, cosmetic, rinse, metal cleaner, buffering agent, retarder in textile industry, fluorescent whitening agent of polyester fibre.

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DL-Tryptophan is one of essential amino acids.It is used in feed additives, promote lactoflavin update function,nicotinic acid and hemoglobin synthesis,aminophenol preparations.

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Dill Seed Oil

Dill Seed Oil is used in herbal formulation as a natural ingredient in gripe waters; raw material in fragrance and flavors.

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Ethyl Alcohol

Ethanol is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid. It is a powerful psychoactive drug and one of the oldest recreational drugs.Ethanol has widespread use as a solvent of substances intended for human contact or consumption, including scents, flavorings, colorings, and medicines. In chemistry, it is both an essential solvent and a feedstock for the synthesis of other products.The largest single use of ethanol is as a motor fuel and fuel additive.

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Ethyl Formate

Ethyl formate is an ester.It is formed when ethanol reacts with formic acid.It is an important intermediates in organic synthesis. It is usually used as the solution for nitro acetyl cellulose and marlspum, and bactericide, fumigant & larvicide for food,grass. It is also used as essence and as a substitute for acetone.

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Ethyl Lactate

Ethyl lactate is a monobasic ester formed from lactic acid and ethanol, commonly used as a solvent. This compound is considered biodegradable and can be used as a water-rinsible degreaser. Due to its relatively low toxicity, ethyl lactate is used commonly in pharmaceutical preparations, food additives and fragrances. It is also used as solvent for nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, and cellulose ethers. Ethyl lactate hydrolyzes in the presence of water and acids or bases into lactic acid and ethanol. It can be used as a cosolvent to produce suitable conditions for the formation of aryl aldimines.

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Ethyl Oxalate

Ethyl Oxalate is used as a solvent for plastics and in the preparation of perfumes and pharmaceuticals.

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Ethyl Paraben

Ethylparaben is the ethyl ester of p-hydroxybenzoic acid. It is a member of the class of compounds known as parabens. It is used as an antifungal preservative.

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Hodag CB-6 KP

Hodag CB-6 KP is a organic emulsion derived from coconut oil used in sugar and beet processing.It can emulsify the non-sugars to assist in their removal which results in a quicker crystallization process and improves purity.Hodag CB-6 KP is a free-flowing liquid designed to be directly added to the sugar vacuum pan by metering through a diaphragm or piston pump.

Hodag Flo-3 K

Hodag FLO-3 K is 100% active organic emulsion derived from soybean oil,designed to reduce foam in the processing of corn to produce corn syrup and corn starch.

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