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Crotonaldehyde is a chemical compound. As an unsaturated aldehyde, crotonaldehyde is a versatile intermediate in organic synthesis. It occurs in a variety of foodstuffs. Its main application is as a precursor to fine chemicals. Sorbic acid, a food preservative, and trimethylhydroquinone, a precursor to the vitamin E, are prepared from crotonaldehyde. Other derivatives include crotonic acid and 3-methoxybutanol.

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DK ESTER F-160 has a strong emulsifying/ dispersing effect. Advantage includes increased over-run, smooth texture and mouth-feel with improved palatability. It prevents churning phenomena.

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Dinitrobenzene is used in organic synthesis and as a camphor substitute in cellulose nitrate.It has wide application in the manufacture of dyes,medicines & celluloid production.

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Endozym Eclair

Endozym Eclair is a microgranulated, very highly concentrated enzymatic preparation; it has been specifically studied to demolish grape pectic chains and presents a high pectinlyasic activity, enabling to reduce musts viscosity very quickly and facilitating a rapid decantation. Its utilization is suggested for white musts rich in pectic substances and with a high content in suspended solids. The microgranulated formulation does not produce powder and is completely soluble, without producing lumps. Endozym Eclair is very effective in the presence of a high microbiologic pollution and its utilization is excellent for musts obtained from pellicular extraction that sometimes are difficult to clarify for the high concentrations in solid particles. Endozym Eclair is particularly suited for Muscat grapes and, more generally, when difficult conditions for a valid clarification occur. When vinification processes take place at low temperatures, the choice of Endozym Eclair is the most suitable.

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Ethyl Butyrate

Ethyl butyrate is an ester. It is soluble in propylene glycol, paraffin oil, and kerosene.It is commonly used as artificial flavoring such as pineapple flavoring in alcoholic beverages (i.e. martinis, daiquiris etc), as a solvent in perfumery products, and as a plasticizer for cellulose. In addition, Ethyl butyrate is often also added to orange juice, as most associate its odor with that of fresh orange juice.

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Ethyl Fumarate

Ethyl fumarate is used as preservative, polymer aggregation agent and food additive.

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Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is obtained from the leaves of plant Eucalyptus globules. It is used in food flavoring, Pharmaceutical aid, health tonics, blood purifier, ayurvedic and herbal preparations.

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Fast Green FCF

Fast green FCF is a sea green triarylmethane food dye. It is used as a quantitative stain for histones at alkaline pH after acid extraction of DNA. It is also used as a protein stain in electrophoresis.

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Glycolaldehyde is the simplest possible sugar.

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