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Cupric Glycinate

Copper Glycinate is widely used as a pharmaceutical intermediate, analytical agent and feed additive. It can improve the immunity, the growth rate and survival rate of animals, and can also be used as a good feed attractant for aquatic animals.

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DL-Tartaric Acid

Tartaric acid is widely used in food, medicine,chemistry and light industry,etc.It is mainly used to manufacture tartaric acid salts, such as potassium sodium tartrate. It is used as beer foaming agent. It is also applied in tanning, photo, glass, enamel and telecom materials industries.

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Dibutyl Sebacate

Dibutyl sebacate is an organic chemical, a dibutyl ester of sebacic acid. Its main use is as a plasticizer in production of plastics, namely cellulose acetate butyrate, cellulose acetate propionate, ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl butyral, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, and many synthetic rubbers and other plastics. It can be used for plastics in use in the food packaging industry, in plastics used for medical devices, and for pharmaceutical applications. It is also used as a lubricant in shaving lotions, and a flavoring additive in non-alcoholic beverages, ice cream, ices, candy, and baked goods.

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Dihydro Myrcenol

Dihydromyrcenol is a synthetic organic compound from the group of acyclic terpenoid alcohols. It is a fragrance with a powerful, fresh, lime-like, sweet citrus and floral aromas.It is used extensively in fragrances.

Ellagitan Refill

Ellagitan Refill is ellagic tannin in a watery solution, studied by AEB to integrate ellagic tannins in the barrique already used, thus enabling it to be used for a longer time without loosing its ability to promote a correct wine evolution. Ellagitan Refill is added to the wine while filling the used barriques; it facilitates the polyphenolic polymerization in the presence of the ideal acetaldehyde dosage, fundamental compound for wines softness. It also hinders the presence of reduced notes which are common in many wines during the refinement on used barrels.

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Endozym Aromatic

Endozym Aromatic is an enzymatic preparation ensuring the total extraction and the release of the varietal aromas present in the different cultivars, thanks to an aimed and selective activity, indispensable to characterize in the best way the cultivars chosen for the processing. Endozym Aromatic strongly limits the effects of pectinesterase and is free from cinnamylesterase, eliminating the risk of the presence of undesired and unpleasant molecules, such as vinylphenols. Easy to use, Endozym Aromatic finds its ideal application for short cold macerations of white grapes.

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Endozym Cultivar

Endozym Cultivar is a pectolitic enzyme based on concentrated pectinase, indicated for the varietal characterization in the treatment of grapes and musts. The enzymatic activity of its components is specific and aimed at improving the aromatic heritage of wines, completely developing the aromatic potentialities typical of the variety. Endozym Cultivar makes available in the volatile form since the end of the fermentation the aromatic compounds present in molecules combined with sugars in the form of terpenic bi-glycosides. Endozym Cultivar is also prepared in the liquid form, easy and practical to use.

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Endozym Glucapec

Endozym Glucapec is an enzymatic agent studied for the treatment of wines displaying a high concentration in glucans and pectins, compounds heavily influencing the clarification and the filterability of the processed products, putting serious uncertainties on the brightness of the finished wine. Endozym Glucapec is particularly indicated for the treatment of musts and wines deriving from Botrytis affected grapes and for the support it gives to young wines, or too much ripened wines, or pressed wines. Endozym Glucapec can be utilized on must, on wine at the end of the fermentation and also during maturation, contributing, in any specific case, to markedly improve general conditions.

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Ferrous Fumarate

Agarwal Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturer of Ferrous Fumarate in industry, serving Pharmaceuticals, Food & Animal Nutrition industry worldwide. Ferrous Fumarate, also known as Iron Fumarate is the iron (II) salt of Fumaric Acid, occurring as a reddish brown powder. Ferrous Fumarate is an essential body mineral, which works by providing iron to the body. It is used to treat iron deficiency anemia, which is lack of red blood cells caused by having too little iron in the body. Ferrous Fumarate is widely used as iron supplement in Pharmaceuticals as well as in Human & Animal Nutrition industry.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense Oil is obtained from resin from the Boswellia carteri tree.It is used in perfumery, flavor raw materials, health tonics, ayurvedic preparations, herbal cosmetics.

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