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Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium citrate, a magnesium salt of citric acid, is a chemical agent used medicinally as a saline laxative and to completely empty the bowel prior to a major surgery or colonoscopy. It is also used as a magnesium supplement in pills.

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Magnesium Formate

Magnesium Formate can be used in various animal feed formulations as well as in various more general chemical applications.

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Magnesium Gluconate

Magnesium Gluconate is the magnesium salt of gluconic acid. It is a naturally occurring mineral. It is important for many systems in the body, especially the muscles and nerves.Magnesium gluconate is used as a supplement to treat low levels or to maintain adequate levels of this mineral in the body.

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Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium Glycinate is a revolutionary form of magnesium that is a fully reacted amino acid chelate produced by a unique, patented process that is designed to enhance absorption and intestinal tolerance of magnesium. It is widely used as the pharmaceutical intermediate and feed additive.

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Magnesium Hydrogen Phosphate FOOD GRADE

Chemical name:Magnesium Phosphate, Dibasic、Magnesium Hydrogen Phosphate

Molecular formula:MgHPO4·3H2O

Molecular Weight:174.33

Performance:White and odorless crystalline powder; soluble in diluted inorganic acids but insoluble in cool water.

Quality standards

Name of indexes


Content(s Mg2P2O7)≥%


As               ≤%


Fluoride          ≤%


Pb               ≤%


Loss on ignition     %


Uses:It can be used as nutritional supplement, anti-coagulant, PH regulator, and can also be used as plasticizer for packing materials.

Packing:In 25kgs composite plastic woven/paper bag with PE liner.

Storage and transport:It should be stored in a dry and ventilative warehouse and kept away from moisture and poisonous substances. Handled with care, so as to avoid damage to packing bags.

Magnesium Lactate

Magnesium Lactate, the magnesium salt of lactic acid, is a mineral supplement.Added to some food and beverages as an acidity regulator.It is also part of Vitamin water.

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Magnesium Phosphate Dibasic

Magnesium Phosphate Dibasic is used as nutrient adjunct, dietary supplement, nutrient agent.Magnesium Phosphate Dibasic is used in the treatment of decreased blood phosphate level and high blood calcium. It prevents certain types of kidney stones and improves athletic performance. It is slightly soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol, but is soluble in dilute acids.

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Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium stearate is white colored water insoluble powder. It is used as the pharmaceutical flow agent and release agent to powdered drugs, granualted drugs to prevent sticking to manufacturing equipment. Magnesium stearate also functions as a lubricant for pharmaceutical tablets, capsules and powders.

Majorbenton B

Majorbenton B is an oenological bentonite containing 90% of montmorillonite, particular clay composed by silicon oxide and aluminium, which possesses the same characteristics of purity required by Codex Oenologique International. It displays a great adsorbing power, producing a high deproteinization and stabilizing power. It produces a quick coagulation with compact deposits well adhering to the bottom of the tank and therefore easy to eliminate. Majorbenton B can be employed on both musts and wines, as it prevents proteic clouding and selectively adsorbs foreign elements, harmful to the forming wine. Majorbenton B clears wines at the end of the fermentation, improving their smell and gustative sensations, as it protects aromatic molecules developing in the fermentative process and eliminates the amino-acids responsible for the earth-like taste, above all in wines obtained by grapes produced in warm climates. Majorbenton B acts as a proteic stabilizer.

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Malic Acid

Malic acid is an organic compound. This carboxylic diacid is the active ingredient in many sour or tart foods. The salts and esters of malic acid are known as malates. The malate anion is an intermediate in the citric acid cycle.

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