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Sodium (S)-Lactate

Sodium (S)-Lactate is a natural food additive, used as synergist antioxidant, emulsifier, humectant, as the cosmetics industry.

Vital Wheat Gluten

Vital Wheat Gluten is manufactured from high-quality wheat by three-phase separation technology. It can be used in a wide variety of applications including bakery products;breadings, batters, coatings & flavors; breakfast cereals; cheese analogues &pizza; meat, fish ,poultry&surimi-based products; milling and flour fortification; nutritional snacks; personal care; pharmaceutical industry; pet foods;animal feed; aquaculture feed and more.

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caffeine USP 99,99

US Pharmaceutical Grade Caffeine 100% Pure With no additive or fillers. For research use and to be used as an ingredient in supplements only.

p-Cresyl Caprylate

p-Cresyl Caprylate is a clear oily compound widely used as flavor and fragrance agents .

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Aluminium Phosphate

Aluminium Phosphate is a chemical compound. It is used in cake mixes and in some baking powders as a leavening agent to help baked goods rise. Medicinally it is used as adsorbent for toxoid.

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Ammonium Propionate

Ammonium propionate is the ammonium salt of propionic acid. It can be used as antiseptic, antifungal agents, preservatives and antimould agent in food industry or feed industry.

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CEKOL Cellulose Gum

CEKOL Cellulose Gum represents a highly purified range of cellulose gums obtained from natural cellulose. It is manufactured through a reaction of cellulose with mono chloro acetic acid yielding carboxymethyl cellulose which is a water soluble stabilizer and thickener widely used in food applications. CEKOL Cellulose Gum is stable over a wide pH range and can be used in both neutral and acidic products.

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