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Monosodium Phosphate

Monosodium phosphate is a chemical compound of sodium with a phosphate counterion. It is used as a laxative and, in combination with other sodium phosphates, as a pH buffer. It is used for water treatment to boiler, detergent, cleaning agent, dyeing flux, for tanning and electroplating. For food additive it is mainly used as buffering agent, emulsification agent, nourishment, etc.

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Provifeed Isochrysis

Provifeed Isochrysis is ideally suited for marine fish, marine molluscs and both marine and fresh water shrimps. It is a natural source of omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins.

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Sodium Hypophosphite

Sodium hypophosphite is the sodium salt of hypophosphorous acid. It decomposes when heated and produces toxic phosphine gas, causing irritation to the respiratory tract. Sodium hypophosphite is mainly used for electroless nickel plating. With this method, a durable nickel-phosphorus film can coat objects with irregular surfaces, and can widely be in avionics, aviation and the petroleum field. It also can be used as a food additive.

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Sodium Polyphosphate

Sodium polyphosphate are used as an acidity regulator, emulsifier, humectant, raising agent, sequestrant, stabilizer, thickener. It is used in detergent and in toothpaste manufacturing, ceramic manufacturing and cosmetics. It is used in breakfast cereals, ice cream, ice milk, bottled beverages, reconstituted lemon juice, puddings, processed cheeses, artificially sweetened jellies, meat, poultry, sea foods, and pet foods. It is a skin irritant and causes kidney damage.

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Sodium Propylparaben

Sodium Propylparaben is a water-soluble antiseptics,widely used in pharmacy industry, food industry, textile industry as well as antiseptics in cosmetics, feedstuffs, daily-chemicals.

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Sodium metabisulfite

Sodium metabisulfite and potassium metabisulfite are the primary ingredients in Campden tablets, used for wine and beer making. It is commonly used in homebrewing and winemaking to sanitize equipment. It is used as a cleaning agent for potable water reverse osmosismembranes in desalination systems. It is also used to remove chloramine from drinking water after treatment.

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Sorbitan Tristearate

Sorbitan tristearate is a nonionic surfactant. It is variously used as a dispersing agent, emulsifier, and stabilizer. It is used in food and aerosol sprays as a food additive. It is also suggested for use in cosmetic formulations, household products and textile chemicals.

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Tripotassium Citrate

Tripotassium citrate is mainly used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry and laboratory analytical reagents. In the food industry tripotassium citrate can be used as buffer, chelating agents, stabilizer etc. It can be used for milk and dairy products, jellies, jams, meat, cheese emulsification, citrus preservation etc.

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glycine Purified 99%

product Name Glycine 
Synonyms Aminoacetic acid; H-Gly-OH; Glycine, Free Base; glycocoll; Glycine BP; Gly; L-Glycine 
Molecular Formula C2H5NO2 
Molecular Weight 75.07 
InChI InChI=1/C2H5NO2/c3-1-2(4)5/h1,3H2,(H,4,5) 
CAS Registry Number 56-40-6 
EINECS 200-272-2   
Density 1.595 
Melting point 182
Boiling point 233
Water solubility 25 g/100 mL 
Package: 25 kg / bag
Appearance: White crystalline powder
usage:Non-essential amino acid for human development. An inhibitory neurotransmitter in spinal cord, allosteric regulator of NMDA receptors.

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