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Xylitol is a sugar alcohol sweetener used as a naturally occurring sugar substitute. It is found in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables, including various berries, corn husks, oats, and mushrooms.It is used as a sweetener in chewing gums and pastilles.

Avox 26

Avox 26 is a antioxidant,easy-to-handle, liquid blends based upon butylated hydroxyanisole [BHA], butylated hydroxytoluene [BHT], tertiary butylhydroquinone [TBHQ] and/or propyl gallate in propylene glycol, vegetable oils and/or mono and di-glycerides.

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Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that is a psychoactive stimulant drug. It is found in varying quantities in the beans, leaves, and fruit of some plants, where it acts as a natural pesticide that paralyzes and kills certain insects feeding on the plants.Caffeine is also added to a variety of other carbonated beverages and is an ingredient in a number of non-prescription drugs such as headache, cold, allergy, pain relief, and stay awake pills.

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Camphene is bicyclic monoterpene. It volatilizes readily at room temperature and has a pungent smell. It is a minor constituent of many essential oils such as turpentine, cypress oil, camphor oil, citronella oil, neroli, ginger oil, and valerian. It is produced industrially by catalytic isomerization of the more common alpha-pinene. It is used in the preparation of fragrances and as a food additive for flavoring. Its mid-19th century use as a fuel for lamps was limited by its explosiveness.

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Catalasi is a complex preparation composed by different clarifying agents, properly dosed to be used in the clarification of white, rose and red wines. Catalasi acts by interrupting the degenerative catalytic process responsible for strong oxidation phenomena displaying a disharmonic increase in color, the disappearance of characteristic smells and the presence of gustative sensations referable to maderization.

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Clarouge is a complex preparation, specifically formulated to act on red and nouveaux wines, to clarify them and to highlight their organoleptic characters, rendering them particularly soft to the palate and stabilizing the coloring substance. Clarouge selectively combines with the polyphenolic-anthocyaninic substances of wine and brings only advantages, as it highlights wine positive qualities and eliminates the oxidized or colloidal unstable fractions. Clarouge makes red wines softer and more velvety, respects their fineness, shapes roughness and highlights the original varieties.

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DARACLAR silica technology is ideal for meeting the demands of today's brew masters.The amorphous,non-crystalline, high quality of DARACLAR silicas insure they are safe and effective. DARACLAR silica meets the strict requirements of the German Purity Law, is REACH registered and HACCP compliant.

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Fructose is a 6-carbon polyhydroxyketone. It is an isomer of glucose.It is a simple monosaccharide found in many foods. It is one of the three important dietary monosaccharides.It improves sweetness, flavor enhancement, humectancy, color and flavor development, freezing- point depression, and osmotic stability of a food products.

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GPG 3565

GPG 3565 as functions such as Humectancy, solvency, viscosity modification, conditioning, freeze-point depression, stabilization, anticaking, emulsification.

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Inositol is a sixfold alcohol (polyol) of cyclohexane. It exists in nine possible stereoisomers, of which the most prominent form, widely occurring in nature, is cis-1,2,3,5-trans-4,6-cyclohexanehexol. Inositol is a carbohydrate, though not a classical sugar. It is almost tasteless, with a small amount of sweetness. Myo-inositol plays an important role as the structural basis for a number of secondary messengers in eukaryotic cells, including inositol phosphates, phosphatidylinositol (PI) and phosphatidylinositol phosphate (PIP) lipids. In plants, the hexaphosphate of inositol is found as phytic acid. Inositol or its phosphates and associated lipids are found in many foods, in particular, in cereals with high bran content, nuts, beans, and fruit, especially cantaloupe melons and oranges.

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