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Diesel PC-9

Diesel PC-9 is a pale yellow to brown liquid with mild odor.This material has the ability to resist vapor lock.It exhibits durability and quality on emissions or drivability in a particular engine.

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EKamold P2

EKamold P2 is the ideal releasing agent between the aluminum dummy block and billet.

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EKamold WP

EKamold WP is a waterbased boron nitride coating. The use of refractory binders ensures good adhesion at high temperatures.

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Ethoduomeen is a lubricant emulsifier.

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FLO-LINE 29 is a medium concentration product developed primarily for the brewing and soft drinks industries. Experience has proven that FLO-LINE 29 also has excellent adherence properties to the wide-chain conveyors used in the kegging industry. The product can be used with every confidence in this application.

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Hydrocal 38

Hydrocal 38 is a naphthenic base oil.

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Hydrocal 60

Hydrocal 60 is a naphthenic base oil.

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K-CORR 1031

K-CORR 1031 is an ashless rust inhibitor for industrial and automotive lubricants and is well suited for formulating ashless rust and oxidation oils, hydraulic oils, paper machine oils and industrial and automotive gear oils.

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Leocon 1000

Leocon 1000 is a hydraulic oil lubricant.

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Leocon 5000

Leocon 5000 is a hydraulic oil.

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