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Nyogel 753G

Nyogel 753G is a baseoil,carbon thickener.

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Pripol 1017

Pripol 1017 is used in a wide range of applications as an additive, emulsifier, corrosion inhibitor and boundary lubricant.

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Pripol 1022

Pripol1022 aids maintenance of drilling rates with synthetic and oil based drilling muds. Also used as contact lubricant for steel rolling (sheet and tin plate). Improves lubricity.

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Tetradecane is a higher alkane. Higher alkanes are alkanes having nine or more carbon atoms.Hexadecane upwards form the most important components of fuel oil and lubricating oil. In latter function they work at the same time as anti-corrosive agents, as their hydrophobic nature means that water cannot reach the metal surface. Many solid alkanes find use as paraffin wax.

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Aderco 2055G

Aderco 2055G is made from plant extracts, it is the first truly sustainable fuel treatment. It is also the most concentrated surfactant/dispersant, for use in any kind of residual or distillate fuels. Aderco 2055G's main purpose is to homogenize the fuel, clean and protect the operation, maximize the energy potential, minimize emissions and solve fuel related problems, before, during and after combustion.

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Aderco B2200

Aderco B2200 is an organic and quickly biodegradable fuel additive specially developed to eliminate and prevent bacteria, fungi and algae contamination in both residual and distillate fuels. Aderco B2200 product is a unique formula, providing bacteria control inside the fuel tanks while dispersing the accumulated acidic biomass (produced by the bacteria) for improved filterability.

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Aderco C3050

Aderco C3050 is a cetane improver especially developed to raise the cetane index of diesel fuels. As a result, the fuel is upgraded to a higher quality, combustion is more complete and occurs at the right time, emissions are reduced, energy potential is maximized, fouling is minimized, engine performance is superior, etc.

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Aderco F1820

Aderco F1820 is a liquid iron (18%) fuel additive developed especially for industrial boilers to maximize operational performance. The organo-metallic treatment is a direct solution to reduce black smoke, regain lost efficiency, reduce boiler cleaning frequency and meet environmental regulation. Iron acts as a catalyst to reduce the self ignition temperature of carbon particulates so that they can burn completely. As a result of the treatment, excess air can be reduced for better performance without generating black smoke, overall boiler is cleaner and offers a greater availability, heat transfer surfaces are much cleaner and offer better efficiency.

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Aderco L1050

Aderco L1050 is an extremely concentrated lubricity additive developed to overcome lubricity problems encountered in low sulphur fuels. It can bring the lubricity property of low sulphur fuels back to normal. Aderco L1050 is used by major ship owners around the world.

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Agri-Pure 60

Agri-Pure 60 are naturally derived base oils provide high boundary lubrication for severe metalworking lubrication applications such as drilling, cutting and rolling.

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