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Hydrocal 100

Hydrocal 100 is a naphathenic base oil used as lubricant.

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Hydrosol 500

Hydrosol 500 is a naphthenic base oil used as lubricant.

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Hypermer A70

Hypermer A70 as a high molecular weight with emulsion stabilising characteristics. Resistant to high ion concentrations, dispersed phase volumes and temperatures.

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K-CORR 100A2

K-CORR 100A2 is an ashless rust inhibitor for industrial and automotive lubricants and greases, circulating oils, hydraulic oils, paper machine oils, and industrial and automotive gear oils.

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Lumisorb SMO

Lumisorb SMO is a sorbitan monooleate.It is used as lubricant.

Lumulse 40-L

Lumulse 40-L is a PEG 400 monolaurate used as secondary emulsifier for metalworking fluid formulations.

Molykote 106

Molykote106 is a inorganic and organic compounds dispersion.It is used as a long lasting, heat cure coating for high loads.

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Molykote 321

Molykote 321 is a inorganic compound in solvent .It is used as air dry coating for high temperature and high load applications.

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Molykote 33M

Molykote 33M is a phenyl-methyl silicone grease for extreme low temperatures.

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Molykote 557

Molykote 557 is a air dry, translucent, silicone-based coating for reduced sticking and temporary wear reduction.

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