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Synesstic AN

Synesstic AN are well suited for lubricants in a variety of automotive and industrial applications. Lubricants formulated with Synesstic AN can be more stable and higher performing.Synesstic AN is particularly suited for use as a base stock in synthetic lubricant applications that require high stability under extreme operating conditions.

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Uniflor 8531

Uniflor 8531 is a base oil,PTFE thickener.

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2-Methylfuran is a flammable liquid with a chocolate odor, found naturally in Myrtle and Dutch Lavender used as a flavoring substance, with the potential for use in alternative fuels.

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Agri-Pure 300

Agri-Pure 300 are naturally derived base oil.

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Aqua-Guard FG

Aqua-Guard FG is a state-of-the-art metal-forming lubricant incorporating the latest developments in food-grade lubrication technology. It is specially formulated and tested for use in Crown Presses for manufacturing sanitary ends. Aqua-Guard FG also has been used in can-beading and can-flanging machines, and other can-forming equipment.

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BREOX 50A 225

Breox 50A 225 is a high performance lubricant base fluid.

BREOX 75W 270

Breox 75W 270 is a diol started random propylene oxide / ethylene oxide copolymer. The high viscosity and low volatility of this product makes it very suitable neat for high temperature lubrication. It finds extensive application in polymer quenchants and water based hydraulic fluids, demonstrating excellent shear stability and providing good lubricity to the finished fluid.

Breox 50A 140

Breox 50A 140 is a high performance lubricant base fluid.

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Breox 50A 20S

Breox 50A 20S is a drilling fluid additive.

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