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ColaLube 3412

ColaLube 3412 is a water-soluble lubricant base that contributes outstanding lubricity, effective corrosion inhibition, and co-emulsification properties to a variety of metalworking fluids, fiber lubricants, and textile specialties.

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ColaLube 3418

ColaLube 3418 is a soluble oil emulsifier base designed to emulsify low viscosity naphthenic and paraffinic oils in the viscosity range of 70 to 600 SUS at 100°F.

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ColaLube 3420

ColaLube 3420 is a unique blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants designed to produce clear microemulsions with commonly used paraffinic and naphthenic oils, lubricants and other additives in a wide variety of metalworking fluid compositions.

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Compresyn 405

Compresyn 405 Series compressor oils are made from high quality, shear-stable 100% synthetic USDA H1 authorized base oils. Compresyn 405 Series oils provide long compressor life through reduced component wear, corrosion protection, water resistance and lubricant breakdown resistance. Compresyn 405 Series oils reduce maintenance costs by extending drain intervals and lowering labor and used-product disposal requirements.

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Croadasinic O

Croadasinic O is readily biodegradable anionic corrosion inhibitor produced from naturally derived fatty acids and amino acid sarcosine.

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Crodafos O10A

Crodafos O10A provides excellent lubrication and emulsification properties.

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Decyl Alcohol

Decyl alcohol is a straight chain fatty alcohol with ten carbon atoms. It is used in the manufacture of plasticizers, lubricants, surfactants and solvents.

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Diethyl Ether

Diethyl Ether was first synthesized in 1540 by Valerius Cordus, and he termed as - sweet oil of vitriol. Diethyl ether is an extremely flammable organic solvent with many uses. Diethyl ether was one of the first anesthetics developed for surgical use, but has since been replaced by less flammable chemicals. Diethyl ether is commonly used as an industrial or laboratory solvent. It has narcotic properties and has been known to cause temporary psychological addiction, sometimes referred to as etheromania. Diethyl ether is particularly important as a solvent in the production of cellulose plastics such as cellulose acetate, fats, waxes, resins and similar substances. Diethyl ether has a high cetane number of 85-96 and is used as a starting fluid, in combination with petroleum distillates for gasoline and diesel engines. It is a common laboratory solvent. It is also a common solvent for the Grignard reaction in addition to other reactions involving organometallic reagents,liniments and analgesics (painkillers) and smokeless gun powder. It is also used in agricultural and pharmaceutical applications, as an intermediate in the preparation and manufacturing of other basic organic chemicals, as a catalyst in industrial polymerization processes, as an alternative fuel, as a foam expansion agent, and as an aerosol propellant for a variety of products that include adhesives, sealants, foam in a can, coatings, paints, automotive care products, topical skin cooling sprays, over the counter treatments, hairspray, sun screen and a variety of other personal care and household products. Diethyl ether can be prepared both in laboratories and on an industrial scale by the acid ether synthesis.

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Dioctyl Ether

Dioctyl ether is used as anti-static agent, lubricant, electrical insulator, and water repellent.

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Dow Corning 4

Dow corning 4 is a silicone-based compound, moderate consistency. Lubricant suitable for electrical connectors and joints.

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