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Lumulse GML K

Lumulse GML K is a glycerol monolaurate,secondary emulsifier that provides lubricity when used in combination with primary emulsifier.


Molykote 7514 is a synthetic (PAO/Ester) grease especially for intermediate transmissions of starter motors.

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Methyl Oleate

Methyl Oleate can be used as the oils in various applications and mainly used as the sulphated products for the use in Textiles and Leather Chemicals,plasticizer and softener. It also works as lubricant and diluents for the products like oils.

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Molykote 1000

Molykote 1000 is a solid lubricant paste for bolted metal joints, contains no lead or nickel.

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Molykote 1122

Molykote 1122 is a mixture of inorganic and organic compounds.It is used as gear lubricant.

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Molykote 1292

Molykote 1292 is a fluorosilicone grease with polyurea thickener.It is used as lubricating grease for metal/metal combinations with slow to medium-fast movements and medium loads over a wide temperature range.It has high resistance to water,mineral oil, fuels and many chemicals.

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Molykote 3451

Molykote 3451 is a fluorosilicone grease thickened with PTFE.

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Molykote 3452

Molykote 3452 is a fluorosilicone grease thickened with PTFE.

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Molykote 44MA

Molykote 44MA is a fortified version of Dow Corning 44 High temperature bearing grease, employing molybdenum disulfide as the solid lubricant. It combines the unique properties typical of silicone greases with the improved load carrying capabilities of MoS2.

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Molykote 6173

Molykote 6173 is a synthetic (PAO) grease especially for plastics.

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