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ISOCEL 152a is an aerosol propellant containing no chlorine atoms, and therefore, does not cause any stratospheric ozone destruction by chlorinated hydrocarbons.


Leofat is a lubricant emulsifier.

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LUBRON is PTFE micro powder, and improves lubricity when added to plastics and paints as s dry lubricant.

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Tego D

Tego D is a defoamer for lubricant used in engine oil,hydraulic fluids, driveline fluids.

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Abilube is a lubricant with a sanitizing action, based on organic surfactants. It has a wide utilization field and can be used on glass, PET, PVC, aluminium, tinned band, and paper containers. Its ideal application is on equipments acting through dripping and on immersion lubrication systems. It is suitable for all the medium and low speed lines of centralized equipments. Abilube has an excellent concentration/activity ratio with an utilization concentration between 0,8 and 1,5%, depending on the equipment conditions and the kind of processing.

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BIG RED is an all purpose non-melt grease especially formulated with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to provide heavy duty service. It is one of very few greases able to withstand heavy shock and impact pressures of 65 Timken load capabilities.BIG RED has excellent adhesive and cohesive properties. Resists most acids, weather, dirt, salts spray, steam and oxidation.

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