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NA-SUL CA-HT3 is a high performance rust and corrosion inhibitor offering exceptional rust protection with outstanding high temperature stability and good demulsibility.It is highly recommended for applications where barium containing additives.

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Oleocal C-102

Oleocal C-102 is a canola oil, RBD used as lubricity additive for metalworking fluid formulations,base fluid for environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids.

Polycol H-105

Polycal H-105 is a medium blown high erucic acid rapeseed (HEAR) oil,high viscosity, high acid value vegetable oil which can be used as lubricity additive and quenching agent in metalworking fluid formulations.

PowerZol 9543

PowerZol 9543 is a complete fuel system cleaner proven to effectively remove deposits on fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers in just one tank of gasoline. PowerZol 9543 delivers outstanding performance for direct injection, port fuel injected, and carbureted engines.

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PowerZol 9548

PowerZol 9548 is a premium fuel stabilizer chemistry designed for aftermarket additive applications to help control oxidation and corrosion and keep gasoline fresh longer during periods of equipment downtime. PowerZol 9548 is a powerful formula containing multiple oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to combat the potentially harmful effects of fuel storage, helping your additive products delivers better protection to all engines.

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Priolube 1427

Priolube 1427 is a biodegradable and hydrolytically stable polyol ester for use as a basefluid and an additive.

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Priolube 1451

Priolube 1451 as a low viscosity, oxidatively stable and volatile.

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Priolube 1808

Priolube 1808 is a volatile, clean burn, biodegradable, and oxidatively stable polyol ester for use as a basefluid or additive.

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Priolube 1889

Priolube 1889 is a high viscosity and oxidatively stable.It is a low deposit forming ester.It is suitable for use as a base fluid or additive in high temperature applications.

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Priolube 1921

Priolube 1921 is a ISO 22, oxidatively stable, biodegradable oleochemical diester.

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